Welcome to my blog! Okay – this is totally new for me, this writing a blog thing. I have written a couple of blog posts in the past, but having an actual blog, with purpose and something that I am truly excited to start is really exciting! I have spent a few weeks thinking about what kind of blog I wanted to start and where I wanted it to go in terms of content. The truth is I love to write, but the truth also is that not everyone is going to be interested in every topic that I would want to write about. So I decided to create a blog about what we do here, daily. We are a young, growing family. My husband and I are in our mid-twenties, we have 2 girls, one is 5 and the other is 9 months. We are expecting another child in July as well! We just bought our first house and the majority of our time is spent taking care of children and figuring out how to own a home and take care of that as well. While most of our days seem mundane, they are filled with a lot of fun, laughter and learning. I hope that whoever visits this blog will enjoy reading about our adventure!

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