Since the majority of my posts will include information about my husband, my two daughters and the new baby once he/she arrives, I thought it would only be fitting that my first official post be introducing you all to the wonderful world that is my family. Being a stay at home mom, this family is my world, literally. All of my time everyday is spent cooking, cleaning up after and caring for these people my world revolves around. They fill my days with more joy, fun, adventure ( and sometimes frustration) that I could have ever felt my life could be filled with. I look at each one of them and my heart feels as though it will burst with love, and thankfulness to the Lord for bringing them into my life. So without further ado….



We refer to our family as a team, in any family conversations we all have specific roles. No one starts introducing a team without first introducing the captain. Matt is the captain of this team, and he is a fantastic captain. I spent years praying for godly man who would come and take care of my daughter and I and when it was least expected, God sent me Matt. Our relationship didn’t have a fairy tale beginning, but it has been an adventure, and I wouldn’t want to navigate this adventure with anyone else. He is a hard worker, excellent provider, and an absolutely amazing father. I should probably thank God more often for him.




The one who made me a mom. Gabriella, more affectionately known as Gabbi, is my first born. She will be 6 in May! 6 just sounds way too old. If you follow this blog you will no doubt get a glimpse into the fantastic personality that is this little girl. She fills my day with questions, laughter, fun and frustration. I wouldn’t change her for a thing. Having a child at 18 is probably the scariest thing I have ever faced, but we managed to navigate our way to where we are today with the help of the Lord, my family and friends. She is just perfect. She loves to help out around the house, is incredibly and she really loves the Lord. She has been teaching me a lot lately about coming to the Lord with faith like a child and I am so grateful to be her mom!




Last May we were so excited to add another addition to our growing family! Autumn is 9 months old now and definitely keeps my days more than busy! She loves to laugh, eat and hates to nap! She is into absolutely everything and part of our day is always spent just watching her explore her way around the house as if it is a new place everyday. There is nothing better than trying to see the world through your baby’s eyes, where even the most mundane things are new and exciting. Chasing after her all day makes me crash into bed at night but she fills everyday with light and its such a blessing to be her mom. She will be walking probably within the next few weeks, since she is constantly trying to keep up with her big sister, and then the fun will really begin. She is a mama’s girl through and through and I can’t wait to see her little personality continue to come out as she continues to grow.




When Autumn was 4 months old (yes only 4 months! eek!) we found out we would be adding another little person to the mix this coming June/July! Once we got over the initial shock of being pregnant all over again when it seemed like we had just had a baby, we were super excited!! At a little over 20 weeks this pregnancy is flying by! Thankfully the Lord has blessed me with what has been by far my easiest pregnancy. Seriously, if my belly wasn’t growing so rapidly some days I would probably forget that I was pregnant! Such a vast improvement from my first two where hyperemesis (intense morning sickness) and exhaustion kept me on the couch most days during the first half of my pregnancies. Becoming out numbered by children in our home is a little nerve racking but we are thrilled to be expanding our family!  We find out today the sex of the baby so be looking for an announcement sometime tomorrow!


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This is the way Gabbi draws our household, despite the numerous photographs we have, this is my favorite way to see our family Smile 

So this is our family and I am so excited to share them with you.

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