20 Weeks…

Well we are officially over the halfway mark of this pregnancy and everyone knows what that means – anatomic ultrasound! We went yesterday to find out how the baby was developing and most importantly to find out what the gender of our newest addition would be. To our surprise….




We are adding a third little girl to our family! Three girls! Its truly hilarious because for some reason or another I was totally convinced that I was having a boy this time. So convinced that we are not even settled on a girl’s name yet! I am not sure why I was so convince but we thought that we had it figured out. We were VERY wrong, in the best way! Our family is all about little girls right now, full of girly toys, clothes, colors and tea parties. This newest addition will fit right in and will be so loved by not just her parents, but by both of her big sisters as well. Seeing her on that little ultrasound screen, she just looked so perfect and I can’t wait to meet her and introduce her to this family that is so anxiously waiting to add her to the mix. Our family has been growing so rapidly, it is hard to remember that just a little over 2 years ago I was a single mom to one adorable little girl. Now I the mother of three precious little lives, and responsible for raising them to be Christ loving, virtuous, wholesome, respectful women who will one day become wives and mothers themselves! Talk about a lot of pressure!! Thrilled and nervous are the two words to best describe my current feelings about having three children. I know that the Lord has a plan for this family, that it is His will for us to be expanding so quickly and I just continue to pray that I can try to keep my family in the center of His will.


Raising girls in this culture is a daunting task it seems. Everywhere we look we are bombarded with pressure to be and do things that may not align with the lives that God has laid out for us. It is our job to protect them without sheltering them, teach them without making their decisions for them, and give them the world without handing over everything to them before they are ready. Being a mom is a job where I am constantly learning how to manage the responsibilities put before me, and my daily approach can change at anytime. However, as scared as I am at times about being able to effectively raise my daughters in a culture seemingly designed to steer them in the wrong direction, I am more excited to help my daughters to become the women that they are destined to be and to enjoy the process along the way. I am so thankful that God has chosen me as the person best equipped to mother these precious little girls, and I will continue to strive to take care of them the best way that I can Smile.

2 thoughts on “20 Weeks…

  1. God made a wonderful choice when he chose you to have the little souls in your care. I am so proud of you and how much you have gotten through too. And, as you mother, I might add that I enjoy you so much too! I just love the girls and couldn’t be happier about Matt! But… for a moment I want to tell you, my little girl, just how much I love you and couldn’t be happier either! Love you forever,



  2. Nice job Meaghan! We don’t see each other often enough, so now i can keep updated by your blogs!~ Love you all! Kisses and hugs to everyone!


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