The Name Game

Yay! We know the gender of our baby and we are adding another beautiful little girl to our family! We could absolutely not be more thrilled!! However, as we left the ultrasound on Monday there was just one little thing bothering me, we had not settled on a name yet! No name for our sweet baby girl? Another few weeks of calling her “the baby”? I don’t think I can do it. So after the girls were asleep my husband and I sat down to attempt to make some strides in naming our newest addition. We began like I am sure everyone else does, reading list after list of girls names with no real idea in mind. I had some that I liked but they were all getting shot down.

girls names

Having named two girls, I have already used 2 of my favorite name combinations, coming up with another name I loved that my husband loved as well was proving to be difficult. We decided to discuss our criteria for a name to try and narrow our searching. These are some of the “rules” we came up with:

1. No repeating letters – this leaves any name with a G and an A out and also probably an N since my husband is still holding out for his future Noah James Smile 

2. Nothing too popular – we were definitely trying to steer clear of the top ten list of baby names, and perhaps the top 50.

After the first 2 rules three of my favorites were ruled out completely: Addison, Avery and Norah Sad smile but we were making progress…

3. Nothing overly creative – we don’t want a name that her friends can’t pronounce or that has NEVER been heard before.

4. Something more vintage or older – I love the sound of a pretty girl’s name that is a classic, older name. However this brought on my husband’s next request:

5. Nothing too girly – he loves unisex names or names that are pretty but not overly frilly, such as being named after a flower ( there goes Violet Sad smile )

6. As we were looking at older names my husband decided that he preferred names that had been more popular in the south. They were pretty, but not overly frilly, fun, classic and vintage sounding which I was fine with. As long as we didn’t end up with something like Betsy Jo,  I felt like we were heading in the right direction…

7. A request my husband thought was odd was that I wanted the name to sound good when paired with her sister’s names. For anyone who doesn’t know, their names are Gabriella Ann and Autumn Elizabeth. He couldn’t see the point behind this one but when we started saying names out loud together, it ruled out any one syllable names – such as Brooke – which I was fine with because I wasn’t really a fan of any of them anyways.

8. We had finally found a name we both loved and then we decided against it because of its popular nicknames. We were sad for a moment until we both realized that a name I had suggest WEEKS ago fit all of these criteria and happened to rhyme with the name we loved – which had been Charlotte. Was it true? Had we found our name? After running it by Gabbi and using it for a couple of days we have decided that this is it and we are so happy to be able to call her by name!

So I should probably tell you the name right? Some people reading this may have already guessed if they knew some of my previous choices and there are not many names that rhyme with Charlotte Smile. Should I leave everyone guessing? I wish I was the kind of person who could! However, I am much too excited not to share Smile The name we have decided on is….



That might be a little hard to read but I liked the way it looked and needed to break up some of this writing with another picture Smile


Her name will be :

Scarlett Grace Morris

We love it and can’t wait to meet our new little girl and share her with all of you! Smile

13 thoughts on “The Name Game

  1. love the build up!! And completely love the name!! Now that you mentioned all those things i realized i love that name too… but now my future kids second cousin will have that name, so nevermind. :-p hehe. But really, i do love it! It sounds so elegant and beautiful… def. southern belle-ish.


  2. Hi, forgot to tell you but I love your blog! You are a very good writer. Also, Scarlett is a geat name. Hmm? I wonder if she will have red hair? LOL


  3. Well honey… I just read your Blog and absolutely love the way you write! It always takes me back to when you were little and loved to sit at the dining room table in the city house and try to write then. You were talking so well that if you could have been able to do that you would have had your blog back then! Now… to this blog… I love how you got there and, well…. you already know I absolutely LOVE the name!!! I put a sticky note on my wall at work next to the pics of my other grandchildren with her name on it. Just waiting to put her picture there! Love love love you all!!! Can’t wait for her arrival too!


  4. Great blog Meg and I love the name. You are a very talented writer and I am sure it will be a huge benefit to you someday. Tell Scarlett, Gabbi and Autumn I said hello! Love you!


  5. BEAUTIFUL!!! And as Hayley read your blog outloud to me today, as soon as she hit the part about “Southern,” (point #6) I immediately said to her, “like Scarlett!” …and, lo and behold, after more reading, there it was! Such a beautiful name, and it goes so smoothly with Grace! Is it already just 4 months away??? Goodness how time flies… What a blessing! ❤ ❤ ❤


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