Happy Monday!

Hello Monday! Our family has a very strange schedule, so I often look forward to Mondays. Mondays means that we are done with the horrible night schedule Matt works half of the week and that he has off tomorrow! Monday also means a day home alone with the girls usually uninterrupted. It means that I know we will have a great dinner because on Mondays I am ALWAYS motivated to cook something we have not had in awhile. Unfortunately for me though, Mondays are also filled with cleaning Sad smile . While I have gotten better about cleaning and attempting to keep a clean house, its still not something that I especially enjoy doing. Cleaning while entertaining Gabbi and Autumn is not always the easiest thing and something always winds up getting pushed off of the list.

laundry pile 

This is NOT my laundry pile, but why is laundry always the easiest thing to push off until it is literally OUT OF CONTROL?? Maybe its just me, but when I get around to it it is always a full day event…

I have found that if I make a list and start early in the morning I feel a lot better about it and it seems to get done faster. The best motivator is that I enjoy having a clean house, so once I am done I am always very happy. 


One of my absolute favorite things about Mondays is the lack of television that I have to listen to.

no tv

In our house we do not allow the television to be turned on before noon during the week for any reason, and usually it stays off until well after that. Some days it is never turned on. On the weekends there are not any strict guidelines and after dinner it is allowed. Yes, we have cable. Yes, we enjoy watching certain shows together as a couple or a family, but in general I have a distaste for television anymore that seems to grow weekly. Mostly it has to do with the lack of quality family and children programming that airs regularly. Growing up I remember being a huge fan of the Disney channel, and everything Disney in fact. Parents could turn on the television and let their kids watch shows without ever worrying that they would be watching things that were not age appropriate on channels geared towards children. Now it seems as though I can’t walk away from the room for fear of what is going to come on next. Children who are supposed to be of middle school age or younger are dealing with issues that I barely remember facing in high school, issues that my 5 year old daughter doesn’t need to be concerned with yet. The majority of the time it has to do with dating, but often it is the lack of parental involvement in every aspect of the child’s decision making on the shows. In fact, most shows (like Shake It Up, iCarly and Jessie) showcase very little parental involvement at all! Those shows which do (Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana) tend to feature the children’s decision making ability above the parents, focusing on a lack of respect for parents and in some instances making them look downright stupid in comparison with the child. This combined with the lying, cheating, rudeness, and lack of consequences children face on these shows has led me to become discouraged with the choices the entertainment industries are making when it comes to our kids. The fact is on the surface these shows seem fine, and if I didn’t spend as much time actually watching them with Gabbi as I have I probably wouldn’t have noticed. In making a decision to not watch these shows, along with explaining to her why I think that they are inappropriate, I have begun to see a change in her attitude. She is also seems more aware of what she is choosing to spend her limited time watching and has been making much better choices, currently her favorite is old episodes of Little House on the Prairie.  I encourage parents to watch these shows along with their children, and really evaluate what they are learning and taking away from them. We can say it is all for entertainment, but the truth is, our children are learning all the time, and for our family this decision has seemed to be only beneficial.


I really want to open my blog up to discussion so I am thinking about posting questions at the end to get the conversation going. We will see if it works this time Smile.

In regards to cleaning – what is everyone’s favorite or least favorite chore around the house? Any advice on turning house work into a fun event?

In regards to television – what guidelines do you follow with TV and children? Rules/show suggestions or just general opinions on our family’s take on the television issue?

Thanks to everyone who has been reading so far! This has really been a great outlet for me Smile.

5 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. I enjoy your blog and am still amazed at you :)) Keep up your strong Beliefs and practices and hold your head high. I HATE cleaning the bathroom, but am obecessed with it being clean. Thwe thought of one of the little ones on the floor in there if I haven’t cleaned it daily makes me want to puke.
    But having the grandsons help polish and vacum makes it so much fun.

    love to all Aunt Raini :))


  2. Great topic, Meg! Well put. Your observations bring me back to when all you kids were Gabbi’s age. I can totally relate about the lack of parental involvement in shows… I remember when The Simpsons were all the rage and the first one I watched absolutely appalled me. Nothing like putting the kids in the positions of power and focusing on making the dad look stupid. And so many comments I heard were how much the Simpson family reflected families today (this was back around 1990). I also agree with your take on the whole Disney aim… like they are siding with teens to rely on their peers for decision making, rather than their parents.

    As for chores… I have to agree with the bathroom cleaning. My favorite is making dinner! lol! We used to make games out of pick up time… I’d set a timer on three minutes or less, and the kids would have to pick up as much as they could in that time as a race against the clock.

    Another thing we did were “happy face tokens.” Chores were assigned a value in tokens, and for each one they did, they got so many tokens. Eventually, tokens added up to values, which could be turned in for things, such as an ice-cream out, a movie rental, an extra hour up at night, or a trip to the zoo! Bad behavior also meant the removal of tokens.

    I look forward to reading your next installment! 🙂


    • Omgsh I can’t believe you mentioned the token thing because I was just thinking about creating a “best behavior jar” with tokens! We have tried every type of chore chart/pack and I don’t want to just reward her with money because 1.Some things around the house shouldn’t require me to actually pay her for them and 2.I don’t think she cares that much yet about money – I am glad to hear that it worked!!


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