Coffee Lovers–this post may save you $$

This post is dedicated to those who LOVE coffee as much as I do. Let’s face it, with two young children, a house to take care of, a dog who can be pretty demanding at times and the fatigue of pregnancy setting in, coffee is my life line. Okay, maybe that is a little dramatic, but I seriously don’t think that I can wake up without it!


Gabbi thought this was funny…

I know that I am not the only one who feels this way! However, I have been having a dilemma this pregnancy and it is the same dilemma that I had when I was pregnant with Autumn. Hot coffee gives me wicked heartburn, some mornings I can’t even make it through one cup and that is not good for everyone living in my house. Plus, I tend to like iced coffee a lot more that hot coffee. Having a Keurig, iced coffee can be pretty hard to make though, it takes forever for the coffee to get cold in the fridge, the ice melts diluting the coffee and it just doesn’t taste right. Last pregnancy I lived dangerously close to Dunkin Donuts and they literally ate up all of my weekly cash (Matt and I have a set amount we take for the week that doesn’t need to be budgeted, it saves a lot of hassle and small frivolous charges on our bank account). At like $3 or so a cup, a cup a day adds up to around $21 a week!! That is a lot of money for a drink! This time around I am not that close to any drive thru coffee places, and my husband and bank account are thrilled. But this also leaves me without a decent cup of iced coffee to wake up to, and this was having me attempting to stomach some hot coffee just for the caffeine and I was miserable. Thank you Jesus for The Pioneer Woman! If you have not checked into her blog, you should! She is funny, has great recipes and takes beautiful pictures of everything she does! While browsing her site I found a recipe for ICED COFFEE!! So of course off to the store I went (okay – Matt went) to get all of the supplies, tried it out, took some pictures and now I am going to share it with you! This recipe makes 3  46oz pitchers of iced coffee concentrate all for the price of a 10 0z bag of coffee! Our total cost this time around was about $13 because we didn’t have any pitchers, but in the future our cost will be around $7! That is a lot less money and its sooooo yummy!!

Supplies needed:

1. 10oz bag of coffee

2. Bucket or large bowl to steep grounds and a bowl to strain coffee into

3. Mesh strainer

4. Cheese cloth or paper towel (we used paper towel and it worked fine)

5. Pitcher(s) to store coffee in the refrigerator (apparently you can keep it for up to 2 months, if it will last you that long Smile)

6. Whatever you put in your coffee! Cream, sugar, flavored syrup, splenda – its your coffee so anything goes Smile 

Here are the steps and its so much easier than I would have thought!

Step 1. Get out your bucket or large bowl and pour in the entire bag of coffee! Yes, the WHOLE bag!! Then your going to add in 20c of COLD water. If you use a smaller amount of coffee just adjust your amount of water accordingly (your 9th grade math teacher will be proud of you if you can remember how to do this!) The mixture will look something like this:

coffee making - march2nd 001

I know it kind of looks like mud – but it smells good and I promise it IS good!

Cover with something (we just used a large plate since we didn’t have a lid) and let steep for 8 hours or longer! If you leave and come back your house will smell like coffee…if you love coffee this is a good thing Smile 

Step 2. After you wait the agonizingly long 8 hours it is time to strain the coffee, for this you will need a 2nd large bowl. We put the mesh strainer into the bowl and then a double layer of paper towel into the strainer. I really don’t like coffee grounds in my coffee, and if you don’t either then you will want to use a double layer of paper towel. Also, you may have to change out the paper towel a few times ( we did three times) because it is a lot of coffee!

coffee making - march2nd 003

Step 3. Pour the coffee into the strainer. Warning: pour slowly because it may do 2 things if you pour too quickly – splash you, or knock the paper towel down allowing all of the finer grounds to leak through. Once the bowl is full begin transferring coffee to the pitchers so that the bowl doesn’t overflow. Remember to check to be sure the paper towel is still working and doesn’t rip from too much liquid. Here are some pictures of this step….

coffee making - march2nd 006coffee making - march2nd 007

Gabbi had fun being the official photographer for this post

coffee making - march2nd 012coffee making - march2nd 014

Step 4. Put pitchers in the fridge until it is as cold as you like. At this point coffee will be room temperature so it may still melt some of the ice if you drink it right away. Though I have to admit, we made a small glass right away to try it Smile 

coffee making - march2nd 016

So much coffee!! I wonder how long it will last…

Step 5. Make your coffee!! This coffee is stronger than regular brewed coffee so we fill a glass with ice and fill it half way or a little more with coffee. Then we add the good stuff! We use almond milk for creamer because its really yummy and keeps us all from getting tummy aches (lactose sensitivity is the worst!). Obviously any milk/cream will work. If you have it available I recommend using Splenda or a sugar syrup because it dissolves better than regular sugar in cold coffee. However, regular sugar will work if that is what you prefer. How yummy does this look:

coffee making - march2nd 029

And it is good, I promise!!

coffee making - march2nd 028

Gabbi’s only has about 1/4c of coffee and the rest is almond milk, but she still loves it!

Let me know if anyone tries this and how it turns out for you! Also, how do you doctor up your coffee? I read some posts about people who put chocolate syrup, chocolate powder or different flavorings in their coffee! I am always open to some new ideas Smile …..


On a side note….I found this version of the New Testament at Barnes and Noble last night and I am finding it very interesting to read. Its called The Voice and it’s the New Testament intermixed with summaries of the people who are talking and their background, potential emotions at the time and some additional general information. Thought I wouldn’t recommend replacing your Bible with a version like this, it is putting a different spin on things that I have read over and over again. I only found 1 in the store and it was only 6.99! Has anyone else heard of this version? Have you read it? Do you like it? I am attempting to read it in the 24 week span that it suggests that goes in order from Matthew 1 right through the end of Revelations. However it is so easy to read that I feel like it may take less time to finish than that. Its somewhat like reading the New Testament in story form. Here is a picture of the cover…

coffee making - march2nd 030

If no one has heard of it, I will do a post on my opinion when I have finished it…

Have a great weekend everyone!! Looking forward to a trip to Strong Museum with my girls, swimming at the Y, home group Saturday night and church on Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Coffee Lovers–this post may save you $$

  1. Meaghan,
    I make a pot of coffee at night and chill it all night so I can have my iced coffee in the morning. It lasts all day and if I run out I just make more when I make my last glassful……:))


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