Just an update…

My blog has suffered from a little issue we were having with the internet for a few days. Now that it is all fixed, I look forward to formulating a formal post soon. This is just a little update on what has been going on with us recently Smile.


The girls are fantastic! They did a fun photo shoot with Kristen Blessing Photography and Roschet Crochet to model some headbands and hats 2 weeks ago and they loved it! The pictures came out so cute and they were displayed at a recent craft show where the hats/headbands were being sold! You can check out the web link, or visit either Facebook page for more info on further showings or where to purchase some of the cute knit hats/headbands. Here are some of the pictures, which a lot of you may have already seen up on my Facebook page.



BTW – This photographer does some amazing work at SERIOUSLY reasonable prices…if you have kids and want to get their pictures done you should definitely check her out! After the pictures we have received from her, I don’t think we can go anywhere else. She seriously makes me want to stock up on picture frames, I just need more wall space!! Can you believe that in 2 months these girls will be turning 6 and 1??? I can’t!


As far as pregnancy updates go, I know that I have not given very many. Honestly, I think that it is because this pregnancy has been so easy that I don’t realize how FAST it is going by! If it wasn’t for my ever-expanding belly, I probably would forget some days that I am pregnant (and often I do, finding myself wondering why on earth I am so exhausted at night….). The truth is, we just realized today that we are about 3 months away from bringing another child into this home, and I couldn’t be more excited! Or maybe its nervous?? I go back and forth constantly between the two emotions when I do sit down to think about it. When we first found out that we were expecting, Autumn was 4/5 months old and such an easy baby! Today she threw a temper tantrum…or as much of one as a 10 month old can throw, because I wouldn’t take her outside.


She sat at the door and cried, she tried to throw herself out of my arms crying and then when I put her down in the living room, she screamed. We literally thought something was wrong until we finally gave in, took her outside where Gabbi was playing soccer and sure enough she was fine. And when we came back inside an hour later….MORE CRYING! I realized that as she turns one she will be slowly but surely moving from babyhood to toddlerhood, and that the transition from 2 to 3 may not be as easy as I imagined. More children than adults living in the house…we will be outnumbered. Now Gabbi is SUCH a big help, but she is only going to be six and can demand a lot of time some days just because she needs to be entertained. And Autumn has become more and more clingy…going back into the wrap at 9 months much of the time we are out because she doesn’t want me to put her down and you should see what happens if I even dare walk away! So what will I do with an energetic 6 year old, a needy 1 year old and a newborn baby?? Probably hibernate…and hope for the best. My main solace comes in knowing that the Lord promises to never give us more than what we can handle. While I know I can only speculate on what will happen,and I tend to always gravitate towards focusing on the worst outcomes, I know that He must see something in me as a mom, and in my husband and I as parents, to bless us with another beautiful girl. He is giving us this precious life because we are a part of the bigger plan for her life. Hopefully by the time she makes her grand entrance my nerves will have calmed down a bit, but for now I have to admit that I am thankful for another 3 months to fully prepare for the change in our little family.


Other changes have been going on in our lives as well, mostly in terms of working on personal relationships with other people and seeing how the Lord is working in us to allow that to happen. Life is hard sometimes, and we are faced with decisions where the answer or direction to move in isn’t always the easiest. Sometimes, both options are tough ones, and we have to take the road that works best for everyone or sometimes the one that is just the best for someone we love. While I love being honest in my blog, some aspects of life are too personal to divulge completely. However, I have to say that I have seen the Lord make changes in our family in numerous ways over the last two years, yet I am still amazed at the work He is doing currently. Sometimes, the best thing that the Lord can do for us is not to change our situation, but instead to change us within the situation. In the last two weeks, as a person I feel as though I have done a lot of growing and released a lot of anxiety and for that I am so thankful. The Lord promises to bring everything together for good, and I am seeing that more and more in my life and in the life of my family and children. Our family may not be totally conventional, but the Lord has chosen to bring people into our life for His purposes, and we are learning more and more to trust in Him.

Ok…well this was my update Smile…Looking forward to doing a blog this week on what Gabbi and I both learned through our study of the Book of Jonah – a study SHE requested! Also thinking about adding a weekly blog on recipes/dinners. I know that I have a hard time thinking about what to cook for my family and my grocery list always begins with me searching the web for ideas. Thought I would share some of what I find with everyone, including if we liked it or not Smile. Hope everyone in upstate NY is enjoying this almost summery weather….I know we are!

2 thoughts on “Just an update…

  1. Great blog Meg. The girls are gorgeous in those hats.You can shed the anxities regarding when our newest family member arrives. You have already proven you are up to the task. Love you!


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