Beginnings of the third trimester….nesting, discomforts and other joys :)

mama bird building a nest


Ahhh….We have entered the third trimester of this pregnancy and I can’t believe how fast it is going by! Only a short while from now, somewhere between 2 and 3 months, our little Scarlett will join our family and we can’t wait to meet her! The second trimester was a whirlwind, with buying our first home, moving, attempting to get settled, working on Kindergarten here at home with Gabbi and enjoying the daily adventures of our very rambunctious Autumn who is fast approaching her first birthday! I have not put much effort into getting ready for Scarlett to arrive as a result of everything else that is going on here and then one day last week I woke up, realized I had lost most of me energy, my belly was much larger and was suddenly hit with “Omgsh, we are having another baby and nothing is even close to ready!”.  Poor Matt got the brunt of my rather emotional breakdown, one that could have only come from an overly hormonal pregnant woman, as I quickly spouted off a to do list that listed basically everything that needed to actually get done, plus everything we talked about maybe wanting to do to our home. Things that once seemed like nice, far off ideas, suddenly began to feel like necessities, and every second spent sitting on the couch drinking coffee and not working was one second closer to the baby coming and I began to panic, and cry, and then yell and then finally I calmed down. I am thankful to God for giving me such a calm husband who just lets me break down and figure things out without getting angry, because honestly sometimes I can be a heap of emotions even I can’t understand. I don’t know how he does it, just sitting there listening and calmly waiting out the storm that is by all means over dramatic, if someone approached me that way I don’t think I could handle it!

After I finally calmed down, it didn’t take me that long to realize I was being irrational and we have more time than I felt like we did at that moment. However, every time I tried to explain the things that I felt needed to be done, Matt couldn’t understand why! Yes, we have to pick up the new crib and put it together. Yes, we need to set up the bassinet as it gets closer. Sure, we need to go out and get some newborn clothing (my overly generous, hates to store anything self, though we for sure we would be having a boy and gave all clothes smaller than size 6 months away…oops) and set up a dresser, but why does the laundry room have to be organized before the baby comes? Why do we have to set up the movie watching stuff in the basement, fence the yard, reorganize the medicine cabinet, the linen closet, our bedroom closets and put up shelves in the living room? As much as I tried to explain it, he just couldn’t understand why, as pregnant women, we feel as though everything has to be done before the baby arrives. Even the things that have nothing to do with the baby. The more I thought about it, the less I understood it as well. We just moved in a few months ago and everything seemed to have made it into its rightful place. Now nothing makes sense! Nesting, even in the beginning stages, overtakes us and try as we might, we cannot get the men in our lives to understand it! Thankfully though, they go along with it, or at least most of it. We managed to settle on an achievable to do list and time frame for him and then everything else that isn’t as “necessary” (seriously, I want to pull my hair out every time I open the linen closet! ) will be left up to me to do as I get around to it….which I will….before the end of June.

Everything else, pregnancy wise, is going great! Scarlett moves all the time and I am still fully capable of getting through the whole day without completely dragging so far. I am attempting to stick to this 3rd trimester work out plan on the days I feel up to it, but chasing the girls around, following Gabbi on her bike and just cleaning are beginning to feel like workouts lately. A few more months and I will finally be able to tackle the weight from this pregnancy, plus what was left over from Autumn and I am definitely getting excited about that. I feel like I have been pregnant for quite awhile and I am definitely looking forward to a new season in my life where I am not pregnant, at least for a (longish) while.

We did make a decision to leave our doctor’s office that I have been unhappy with for sometime now. We decided to go with a midwife, and she is fantastic. I feel as though the care and attention I am receiving from her is much better and a whole lot of stress seems to have been lifted from us after making this decision. We are opting to have the baby here at home this time, and while we took a long time to decide if that is what we wanted to do, we are very excited about it now and looking forward to her birthing experience! This will be news to some of you who didn’t know we were even considering it so I will answer the two most frequently asked questions right off the bat. Yes, our midwife is completely certified, she worked in a hospital for years and now attends births at home. She has attended numerous births and we have a back up plan at a hospital should things not progress the way we envision them. Also, no, the kids will not be home for the birth. I am looking forward to not having to stay in the hospital, away from my family, after the baby is born, but we are both not comfortable with them being in attendance for the labor and delivery. I am very excited for them to be able to come and meet their new sister immediately after her being born though, and being able to spend those first precious days bonding with all my girls together, without being interrupted every 4 hours to be monitored Smile.  While we appreciate everyone’s feedback on our decisions, please note that we made this decision through a lot of prayer and consideration, and we are very excited about it!

Other than that, things are pretty normal over here. We expect Autumn to be walking any day now and we are planning the girl’s birthday party at the end of the month! I can’t believe Gabbi will be 6 and Autumn will be one in only a month from now Sad smile…this year has gone by so quickly, sometimes I just want to stop time for a bit! Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! I will be posting some new pics of the girls soon as soon as I am left alone long enough to upload all of them Smile ….

4 thoughts on “Beginnings of the third trimester….nesting, discomforts and other joys :)

  1. You are such an amazing mom. And I love watching/hearing how Matt responds to you… what a blessing! He’s such a perfect balance for you. Enjoy these weeks–and take it all a day at a time! 😉


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