For those of you who made it out on Sunday…..

Thank you!! We had such a great time celebrating the girl’s upcoming birthdays with all of you! We are so thankful for such a large, extended family who loves to come and celebrate with the girls as much as we do! They had so much fun and received so many incredible gifts that we were so amazed! Here are some pictures from the party for those of you who couldn’t make it on Sunday!

4.29.12 297

(The birthday girls both looking at the camera – can’t believe I got a good one!)

4.29.12 308

(This is how most pictures around here turn out…)

Everyone who came really spoiled the girls with gifts! Every single one of them was so thoughtful, fun and practical! Thank you again for the taking the time to think of them!

4.29.12 3094.29.12 310

(Opening presents was a little hectic…Autumn only wanted to open the ones that Gabbi had…)

4.29.12 3124.29.12 318

Then the fun part came…..


4.29.12 3264.29.12 328

4.29.12 3344.29.12 3384.29.12 340

(Gabbi made their little cupcakes….I guess they turned out really good because they both ate the whole thing)

This was their first shared family birthday party and everyone helped to make it really special!! I can’t believe that in 2 weeks they will be 6 and 1…I was so nervous when Autumn was born about what it would be like adding a new baby to our family equation. The whole nine months I stressed about how having another child in our home, less than a year after adding a step-dad to Gabbi’s family, would change our lives. Our lives definitely changed, but only for the better. These two girls are my entire world…and I intend on spending the whole month of May appreciating and celebrating them and their arrivals into this world. They are both wonderfully different and very much alike, and they love each other to pieces. This year has literally flown by, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these two amazing little girls. I am so thankful that God chose me to be their mom! Thank you again for celebrating with us!

One thought on “For those of you who made it out on Sunday…..

  1. All things work out when they are meant to be. You are right where you should be honey as are these little girls. And, you will be ok again when Scarlet arrives. I did it and I was also just as worried as you were. I wasn’t sure I could love anyone as much as I loved you and that scared me. But…. pow! I had more love to give and it continued with all three of you. Now, it continues with your children too! Love is something that doesn’t have a limit… You’ll figure all this out as you already have been. And doing a fantastic job if I do say so! God was right when he chose you… I know just how you feel… I love you! Mom


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