Meet Harley

Okay…its official…I am pretty sure that we have lost our minds. Matt and I have talked for over a year about wanting a mid to large size family dog for all the girls to grow up with. We did some research on breeds, almost bought a Vizsla a few months back and then decided to wait. One day about 3 months ago, Gabbi started talking about wanting a chocolate lab. We began to do some research on the breed, and talk to some people who had them. Knowing that this was the breed we wanted to go with, we would look at puppy pictures and talk about one day owning one, but we just didn’t think that this was the time. Fast forward to the beginning of April and we changed our minds. This year we bought our own home, we celebrated the girls’ birthdays (6 and 1!! Can you believe that??), and we are looking forward to the addition of little Scarlet(t) (yea – we still can’t agree on how to spell her name….we should probably decide soon!! but that is for another post….). It seemed natural to add a puppy to our family, and we found a litter of chocolate labs that would be ready to go to their new homes right around the time of the girl’s birthdays! It was a perfect fit….and most importantly…they had MALE puppies available! I think that pushed the decision on Matt’s part, since he was in desperate need of some balance around here….so we picked out of some pictures a little puppy they called Mr. Blue/Black. He was so cute and we had to wait 5 weeks to bring him home and to tell the girls! It felt as though we had been waiting for today FOREVER!!

So off Matt went on the almost 3 hour drive to pick him up this morning, there was no way we were making that drive there and back as a family, plus Gabbi was visiting her dad this weekend and wouldn’t have been home in time to leave with us. So the girl’s and I spent the morning killing time (they didn’t know it), with a special breakfast, a trip to the store and a stop over at Nana’s house, who knew the puppy would arrive today…then the van pulled down the street and suddenly Gabbi was told she had to wear a blind fold….

May 20th 2012 050 

Her response was, “This surprise must be a Piñata!!”…..really? I don’t know where she gets these things….

and then we just plopped puppy right in her lap….

May 20th 2012 051May 20th 2012 053

Shocked doesn’t even begin to describe her excitement! We were all laughing as the puppy licked and nipped her, and then Autumn wanted to find out what was going on….

May 20th 2012 056May 20th 2012 059

She just laughed and batted his face and he ate up every moment of it, he doesn’t seem to mind the torture of a 1 year old one bit! In fact, later in the day he jumped on her as she was getting changed!!

On the drive home from my mom’s house, and for about 20 minutes after, we called him “puppy” as Matt and Gabbi duked it out over who could pick the best name for him. Jax, Ollie, Ace and Champ were thrown around as I attempted to stay out of it. However, I couldn’t go on for the next 15 years calling this little guy “Champ”, so I quietly reminded Matt of a name he had mentioned he really liked the night before, Harley. Excited at the thought of how well the name fit him, but not to be outsmarted by a 6 year old, we told Gabbi that we sort of liked the name Harley, but we were not really sure. If we told her we loved it, it would have been shot down immediately since it wasn’t her idea.  Sure enough, 2 minutes later, he was deemed “Harley” by Gabbi, and we were very thankful.

He spent his first day at home watching his new sisters swim in their pool and snack on some fruit outside since it was super nice out today….

May 20th 2012 063May 20th 2012 065

May 20th 2012 069May 20th 2012 068

Then he fell asleep in the cool shade of the pool for awhile, that is until Gabbi found him and then Autumn had to follow suit of course!

May 20th 2012 071May 20th 2012 073May 20th 2012 075

He didn’t seem to mind the attention, in fact I think he really loves how much they both want to play with him, because as soon as they stop he runs around to find them, or follows at their feet.

So far, he sleeps a lot, but doesn’t like to be left alone at all. As I am writing this he is beginning to cry because I am not sitting with him and everyone is in bed. He already likes to chew on the furniture, especially the fabric that hangs off the couch, so I am a little nervous about that. He went potty in the house once while we were eating dinner, but other than that he has gone outside so it looks like potty training will be pretty easy. Roxi has basically told him that this is her house already, and he seems okay with that for now, but we will see how that pans out as he gets bigger, since they are already the same size and he just turned 6 weeks on Friday. All in all, we are really excited about this new little member of our family, and he seems to be really excited about us. We are definitely in love with him already….in fact I think that I will go snuggle him now…

May 20th 2012 077

Harley Marley Koch Morris….his “official” name according to Gabbi. Of course, we will just stick with Harley Smile

6 thoughts on “Meet Harley

  1. Great story Meg! He is absolutely gorgeous! Love chocolate labs. They are great with kids, trainable and very loyal! Good Pic!


    • Yea – today he was being a little bit rough with them lol, he just wants to play all day. We need to work with him on appropriate playing vs. nibbling on the girls, but other than that he has been a great addition!


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