Wow! You’re huge!!

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Do you know how many times I have heard this statement or something similar in the last 2 weeks? This past week we were on vacation with most of my family, and we really had a lot of fun. We stayed in a cottage on Conesus Lake, rented a boat and just hung out.(I will do a longer post about vacation when I have a minute to upload the pictures that we took.) While I had an amazing time, I have never had so many people find so many different ways throughout the day to remind me just how large my stomach (hopefully that is all they were referring to!) has gotten! I know that I am carrying around an almost full term baby, and I am aware of how “large” I am, seeing as how I have to carry it around and look at all the time!! But a little advice for next time guys….there isn’t a woman in the world who wants to be told how large she looks in a bathing suit, or who wants to be referred to as the heaviest person in the house, no matter how much of a “joke” it is Smile. Thank goodness I love you guys so much…..

So with that being said, we have finally made it into the home stretch of this pregnancy and to be honest, I can’t believe how quickly it has all gone by! Knowing that our newest family member will be making her arrival anytime between now and the end of next week is exciting! We have all had our eye on this last week of June, since it would be so awesome if she was born while my dad was home, but as the days are creeping by this week it doesn’t appear that that will be the case. With my luck, sometime Friday after my dad’s plane takes off is when I will go into labor, just missing my dad’s stay here.  If she does decide to wait until after my dad leaves, then we are hoping she waits a little bit longer so I can see my cousin and his beautiful fiancé get married this Saturday. I have had a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions that have been pretty intense over the last few days, and some crazy OCD type nesting going on over here, but nothing that really indicates that I am within 24 hours or so of having her, so for now we will just keep everything ready and wait for her to decide when it is time.

Its funny, when I was pregnant with both Gabbi and Autumn, I felt as though I was ready to have them when I was around 7 months pregnant, and I spent the last 2 months of my pregnancies in a state of waiting. I was so excited for their arrival that it was all I could think about, talk about, worry about and it seemed to go on forever. I don’t know why, but this time around I am much more relaxed, still waiting and excited, but not at all worried about when she will come. Perhaps its because there have been so many changes during this pregnancy that there was so many other things that held my focus, or perhaps just having 2 kids has given me a lot more to do during my pregnancy, other than worry about just being pregnant. Whatever the case may be, I am very happy to have had such a stress free time carrying Scarlet and I am confident that her birth will go the same way. I am so excited to be home to have her this time and I truly hope that things go smoothly. If you think about it, keep our family in your prayers over the next week or so, that everything with the birth will go well (and maybe that Matt doesn’t get too nervous Smile).

As far as an update on Harley goes – the good news he is fully house trained!! That is the one thing we were most concerned with getting down before the baby was born and I am very proud that we have accomplished it. The bad news is – he has learned how to bark, and he LOVES to bark at Roxi. So most of the day is spent running after him, yelling at him to stop barking and it can be very noisy here. Mornings are definitely the loudest and craziest time, and I just hope that our neighbors don’t mind right now while we get it all figured out…

Gabbi is happy to be on summer vacation (though she wanted to stay at the cottage for all of summer vacation, I hope she finds summer vacation at home just as fun), and Autumn is officially a walking, talking (mostly Autumn talk – if you don’t live here you will probably need a translation for most of it) and temper tantrum throwing toddler. She yells a lot when she doesn’t like something, or when she really wants something and I honestly have no idea where she gets it from Smile.

The girls had their birthday pictures done a few weeks ago, and while I have not had the time to order any to put up yet, I love how they all came out!! Listen – if anyone needs family or kid pictures done you should really check out Blessing Art Photography, or look up Kristen Blessing on face book! This woman never ceases to amaze me! I’ll leave you guys with a few pictures that were not on my face book page Smile 





Love these girls Smile I could look at them all day…..

7 thoughts on “Wow! You’re huge!!

  1. Meg I really didn’t mean it in a bad way. I meant it in a good way. Lora and I both agree that you really do pull being pregnant off. Even though I know that’s not what you want to hear it is the truth. You are very beautiful and you glow when you are pregnant. I am sorry if I offended you but I meant it in a wow you’re so close way rather than a wow you’re really big way.
    Love your brother.


    • hahaha! I know! Trust me…I am not mad…there was just one day while we were there that it seemed like I had been hearing it all day lol! I know no one meant it offensively, but pregnancy hormones can make any innocent comment sound mean 🙂 Love you!!


  2. Meg…I remember when you were pregnant with Autumn and I was pregnant with Matthew as well, and out of my mouth came the words I regretted for so long before I could apologize to you, which were “Wow I hope I don’t get that big!” And sure enough I got that big…but the difference now is you are such a strong woman that you were able to drop most of your baby weight from Autumn before you became pregnant with Scarlet. I remember when you came over for coffee and shared with me that you were very close to your weight loss goal. I was so proud of you. Now I am not sure if you believe in Karma…we all have differing views in our spirituality, but I will say this, I believe in Karma, because even though I apologized to you, here I am, just about a year after having Matthew and I weigh only 9 pounds less than I did when I delivered! I guess that’s what I get for opening my big mouth! I want to end with this, I am so proud of you and Matt, and the family that you continue to build, you are all beautiful, wonderful, and amazing human beings! Gabbi, Autumn, and Scarlet are so blessed to be the children of such loving, caring, comforting, and spiritual parents! I am very excited to meet Scarlet when she decides that she wants to join us out here…I am sure she is going to be just as wonderful and amazing as her sisters and parents! We love you very much, and want you to not fret, you are beautiful when you are carrying babies. I wish that I was able to pull it off 1/3 as well as you do! We send you our love and prayers that everything goes smoothly with your home birth, and if you need anything don’t hesitate to call!

    PS- I absolutely love reading you blog entries…it is actually kind of inspiring me to start my own!


    • Aww thanks Laura!! And yes, I remember that comment very well 🙂 You are lucky that you started off your pregnancies significantly smaller than I did!! But after Scarlet is born I am bound and determined to get this weight off! Thank you for all the wonderful comments! They mean a lot to me, especially about our parenting style 🙂 You have come a long way this past year and should be proud of yourself as well!! I am glad that you enjoy reading my blog, hoping to make it a more regular thing, with regularly scheduled entries, but right now I have a lot going on lol! Ill let you know when Scarlet arrives! Love you!


  3. So glad you had a good time on your vacation! Can’t wait for Scarlet’s arrival, too! … although NOT until after the wedding… you tell her, o.k.? 😉


  4. I love reading your entries! 🙂 Since I’ve been so busy and not able to see you guys a lot I love catching up. It’s always very cute to read! Also… it helps me prepare myself for when I get pregnant and people will say (cause they inevitably always do) “wow, you’re so big”… I know I won’t react well, so I’m preparing myself mentally already. 😉


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