Welcome Scarlet Grace–Our Homebirth Adventure

I have been wanting to sit down and write this all week, but who knew having 3 kids and 2 dogs would keep a person so busy?? Thank you everyone who has been waiting patiently for the last week for me to post our birth story. Everyone has been so curious about how it all happened, and I am really excited to share this story with everyone! To those of you who are not so interested in how the birth went, you can skip through the posting to the pictures at the bottom Smile.


Our story really starts Wednesday night, the 27th, though at the time we had no idea. We walked up to Krony’s to get ice cream after dinner, but being extremely pregnant I was really uncomfortable, and we took our ice cream to go and immediately came home. I was so annoyed at the painful Braxton Hicks contractions that I was having, thinking all along “another week or so of this! ugh!”, and disappointed that I cut our family time short in favor of laying down. Throughout the night I woke up a few times as usual, but was miserable and uncomfortable. Little did I know, what I thought were Braxton Hicks contractions were in fact real contractions. When I woke up in the morning, around 6:30, I noticed some spotting. I was in denial that anything was happening, but when I noticed even more 15 minutes later I decided to call our wonderful midwife to ask her for her opinion. She proceeded to ask me to time my contractions for 30 minutes and call her back. This is when I realized they were every 10 to 12 minutes apart, a little inconsistent,uncomfortable but definitely not painful. I called her back to say that I didn’t think they were real contractions and that I didn’t want her to drive all the way out here for false labor, but she was convinced that I was in labor and decided to head out our way anyways because it would be an hour and a half drive for her. I was still completely in denial, but I had to wake up Matt to let him know that she was coming…..

Fast forward an hour and a half and when she arrived I was definitely glad that she had decided to come. At that point they were about 7 minutes apart and getting more painful. I was almost 5 cm already, about halfway there! The girls were awake and eating breakfast while we waited for my dad to come and pick them up.

                            – I need to mention that we were all hoping that she would be born before my dad went back to Beijing so that he could meet her. With his work arrangement he wouldn’t have been able

                               to meet her until she was about 2 months old. His flight was scheduled to leave early Friday morning, so we JUST made it. Then he changed his flight to Saturday and got to come and see

                                her 2 times before he left, plus he got the wonderful job of bringing the girls home to meet her for the first time Smile.

Back to the story….Charity warned me that once the girls left that the contractions would probably get worse, and closer together, pretty quickly since I appeared to be guarding them from what was going on. Boy was she right – it seemed as though as soon as the car pulled out of the driveway I could no longer talk through them and they were 5 minutes and then 2 minutes apart very rapidly. We texted my sister, who we had planned to have be present for the birth, and told her that she should hurry up.  I think she arrived sometime between 11 and 1130, though the actual timing for the day is a bit blurry to me.

The next 2 hours were spent attempting to find anyway to get comfortable. We had purchased a birthing tub, but then we forgot to get an air pump to blow it up, and had decided at the beginning to just forget about it. When the back labor reached an almost unbearable level, I decided to get into our own bath tub to see if the water would bring some relief. I had used the shower earlier in the day and it had helped so I was eager to get back into the water. For the first time all day I was able to relax for a few minutes and the remaining transitional contractions became much more tolerable with the water. Matt was right next to the tub the whole time pouring water over my stomach with each contraction because our tub wasn’t deep enough for me to be fully underwater. As the first pushing contraction came, we realized that she didn’t seem to be coming down. I tried pushing for a couple more contractions, but then the other midwife, Sarah, asked if I would mind getting out so they could check to make sure I was fully dilated. I hadn’t been checked again, so I thought it would be a good idea. Boy was I wrong! Getting out of the water was the most painful procedure, and the second I got out of the tub my water broke, bringing Scarlet down with it. I screamed that I NEEDED to get back in the water, which I immediately did. In 2 short pushes her head was out. Sarah assisted in delivering the rest of her and out came the chubbiest little baby, born at 2:02 in the afternoon (only 6 hours after we decided that I was truly in labor!!). She had a full head of hair and the cutest dark blue eyes.

It was an amazing feeling, that we accomplished something so wonderful all on our own. The midwives were fantastic in the fact that they let us do only what we were comfortable doing, offering some suggestions along the way, but mostly letting us decide how the labor and delivery would go. When we were all cleaned up and dried off, Scarlet, Matt and I got to climb into our own bed. In our room is where they checked out Scarlet, and myself, to ensure that we were in good health. Some medicine was administered to help with bleeding, which made me feel a bit weird for awhile, but other than that we were both doing great. We discovered that Scarlet weighed a whopping 8lbs 12oz – our biggest baby yet! Within a few hours, our house was back to normal, only with a new addition to our family. The girls came home and met their new sister, some family came over to visit and Matt unfortunately had to get ready to go back to work. (He had the next couple of days off to help out at home though Smile) Alex stayed the night to help out and we all went to bed – in our own home – no nurses checking in on us every four hours, just a quiet night at home recovering from the day’s events. If we have more children (in a few years…no more back to back babies!!), they will definitely be born at home. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better birthing experience, it was wonderful and stress free and exactly how I wanted Scarlet’s birth to be. By the next morning I felt great, and we immediately began to figure out how things are going to work around here with 3 children. Its only been 6 days so that we are still figuring out….but I couldn’t be happier right now as we all adjust to the addition of new life in our home. Everything might take a little longer (2 hour bath time and clean up this morning after Autumn took off her diaper in her bed and Scarlet threw up everywhere….) and I might be a little bit more tired, but I definitely feel extremely blessed to have 3 healthy, beautiful little girls! Here are some pictures of them Smile ……

vacationscarlet 081vacationscarlet 088vacationscarlet 089vacationscarlet 092vacationscarlet 091


Look at her hair!! It will not go down – now that we washed it, it just stands straight up!!

vacationscarlet 083

vacationscarlet 086

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