Coming up for air…..

Why didn’t anyone ever tell me that the first month with a newborn is like being stuck under water??? Haha! You would think that this being my third time around that I would have been more prepared for this past month, but 3 kids feels more like having 12, and having 2 babies can be a nightmare at times. I can honestly say that I literally had mornings this month when I was dreading the start of the day! Another baby with a milk allergy was serious hard work! For all of you moms who have to contend with colic, I commend you, because at least we knew an approximate time frame as to when our overly fussy stage would end. We did end up having to get Scarlet on some acid reflux medicine, and while I am normally not for medicinal interventions unless absolutely necessary, this stuff has been a sanity saver (and it seems to be helping out the baby too Smile). Then of course came the hellish molar teething of a 14 month old, a 4 month old dog that eats the entire house when he is restless and the every day antics of a 6 year old….can you see now why it has been awhile since my last post? I feel as though I have barely had time to think, sleep, eat and forget about even finding 2 minutes to use the bathroom alone….


But, right on schedule, the medicine seems to be working, the milk has worked its way out of Scarlet’s system, we developed a routine for walking this crazy animal and the days have a much nicer flow! (Look – I even found 5 minutes to write on my blog! Go me!) I have so many things that I want to write about, but I feel that a few of them are going to require their own post, like all about my plans for getting off the rest of this baby weight, getting ready for our next chapter of life – PUBLIC SCHOOL, and some home reorganizing!! For now though I will just let everyone who follows this blog and who have been wondering, things are going great, finally! I feel like I am getting down having 3 children, 2 dogs and a husband who works crazy hours. Life is totally hectic these days and the weeks just seem to fly by so if I have forgotten to return phone calls, messages or texts, I am super sorry. I am slowly but surely finding my footing being incredibly outnumbered by a bunch of crazy kids all day. I feel so blessed to have all of the people in our lives who brought meals, watched our dogs, and helped clean the house over the last month – I seriously don’t know what I would do without you!




We got some more pics done by Kristen, some family photos and newborn pics – so stay tuned for those! I am currently trying to carve out some time again for weekly posts because I have so much to write about going through my mind and I need to get it out somewhere! However, right on cue, Autumn is awake! She must have heard me doing something for myself and thought that she should fix that Smile..

Thanks everyone for reading, and keep checking back Smile

One thought on “Coming up for air…..

  1. I love reading all your blogs honey! You write so incredibly well!! Now, as for you and motherhood… you are doing fantastic! I never ever doubt your abilities at all and that’s a fantastic feeling for a mom too… ME! LOL… You are sooo living my life all over again it seems. Dad worked crazy hours…. I had you and John 14 months apart and then came Alex a couple years after that. We just left out the puppy part.. LOL I totally understand where you are right now. It brings be back to my time raising you guys too which has been very nice for me. I miss our times together, but cherish and enjoy the ones we do get. While life is changing for you, it is for me too. Mine is not so crazy anymore, however it is full, but different. Like you, I too am trying to get used to all these changes in my family and it’s slowing getting to be very easy to do. I love you all and am sooooo proud of you and to have God bless me with you as MY daughter.. Love you forever….. Mom


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