A Little Vacation…

Can anyone else believe that summer is almost over already!!?? Where did it go? I remember feeling like I had all the time in the world before Gabbi started school and now she will be going in less than 2 weeks! (More on how we came to that decision later)….

Around the house here things have been hectic to say the least! Matt’s job was requiring him to work extra a lot this summer (a normal week is already close to 50 hours!!), we had to finish up our first soccer season (which was a blast! we made some great new friends this summer!!), and we learned that its not only Scarlet’s milk allergy that we have to contend with, but we have a dog that is allergic to dog food!! After an emergency vet visit (we thought we were going to lose him, he was having a hard time breathing), we found out that we now have to make his food each week, be extra careful of what he gets into and keep Benadryl on hand in case he gets into something that is really bad for him. We are 99% that the culprit is wheat, which is in all dry dog foods, and he has been healthy and happy every since! When we humans have food allergies, we get all upset because it usually causes us to eliminate food that we love (Dear Cheese, I miss you terribly!) – but Harley now gets a gourmet meal of cooked meat, either rice or potatoes, some fruit and vegetables and a little bit of olive oil or some yogurt. He definitely doesn’t seem to mind that one bit!

dog food and zoo 003dog food and zoo 001dog food and zoo 004


Throw in the regular adjustment period needed to get used to have 3 children, one being a newborn and one being a baby who is moving quickly into toddler stage (temper tantrums anyone??) and we were in desperate need of a break!! When Matt’s job asked for us to choose his vacation week in January, we randomly picked the middle of August because we had no idea what we were going to do! One week for the whole year isn’t a lot, so we wanted to make sure that we all could have a break. We decided to go camping for the first half of the week and I am so glad that we did. We chose Darien lake simply because we wanted a place where we could rent a camper this year with the babies. We stayed for 3 days and tried to do half camping/half amusement park and it worked out really well for everyone! Vacation 003Vacation 010Vacation 012Vacation 008

We spent most of the first afternoon in the water park, they LOVED it! When it was time to go, we set Autumn down and she turned and ran right back into Hooks Lagoon! These kids are like little fishes when it comes to the water!

Vacation 014Vacation 015

Scarlet took her first nap in the stroller ever in the water park! She slept the whole time so we could take turns going in with the girls! She did AWESOME!!

Vacation 017Vacation 019

Autumn’s First Ride!! Gabbi insisted on riding alone on everything that she was tall enough for this year!

Vacation 030Vacation 031

We even snuck Scarlet on the train in my Maya wrap!

Vacation 036

Gabbi got to “drive” Matt and Autumn around a few times!

Now this year we discovered that Gabbi is now 45” tall! Unfortunately for most of the bigger rides you have to be 48” to go alone, but some you can go with an adult even if you don’t meet the height requirement. Gabbi was nervous as first, but came running off of every “big kid ride” shouting “This is AWESOME!” and asking to go again! Thank goodness Matt has a much better stomach than I do for things that spin, because most of the ones she was tall enough for just spun around and around…

Vacation 040Vacation 074Vacation 124

One of our favorites was this ride called “Moose on the Loose’” – you got to ride a fake moose while it ran loose through a campground! It was pretty funny and Matt will probably kill me for this but…Vacation 131Vacation 132

The part that Matt and I were looking forward to the most was the camping portion of this trip though. Matt and I both really enjoy being outside and it was so nice to be able to get up early a few mornings and sit outside together without being concerned about what needed to be done that day. In fact, these pictures were all taken after the first night we were there, after 8am!!!

Vacation 069Vacation 070Vacation 071

The girls loved being outside and had a blast camping! They played soccer and ran around while we were waiting for Matt to finish cooking whatever meal it was we were having (yes – I have been blessed with a husband who, when he has the time, LOVES to cook – I didn’t cook one meal all week!!), we read stories outside, listened to music, went for a walk and when the babies were both sleeping we roasted marshmallows at the campfire. Gabbi was so thrilled to be the only one old enough for the big rides and the campfire, I think it really solidified for her that even though there are two babies who require a lot of time and attention, that she is the oldest and she gets a lot of special attention too, only its different. Here are some of the pictures we took while at the campsite Smile

Vacation 045Vacation 046Vacation 050Vacation 051Vacation 052Vacation 057Vacation 064Vacation 066Vacation 067Vacation 086Vacation 088Vacation 090Vacation 098Vacation 100Vacation 102Vacation 108Vacation 111Vacation 112Vacation 114Vacation 115

Everyone was a little sad to leave, but I think that 3 days for us this year was just the right amount of time. Next year we are hoping to go for longer, and to most likely get a tent because we had so much fun!!

Matt and I had our own little vacation Friday and Saturday, while Gabbi went to her Dad’s for the weekend and Autumn had her first sleep over at Nana’s. My Aunt and Uncle were gracious enough to let us stay at their beautiful lake house for the evening and Scarlet once again slept the whole time! It was as though we had no kids for the evening and that is something we have not had in a long time. We were able to cook dinner together, watch the sunset over the lake, watch a whole movie uninterrupted and sleep in (on one of the softest beds I have ever been on)!  I don’t have any pictures from this portion of our vacation, but it was such a nice, relaxing time that I had to mention it!

This whole week was like hitting the reset button on our family life. We have been so busy this summer that we really needed to slow down and spend time with just each other. I have been so blessed with such an amazing family, but it has grown so quickly over the last two years that it can sometimes be overwhelming. It was so nice to just be able to take in the wonderful young women that God has placed in my care, to spend time with each of them individually and really experience each of their personalities without everything being overshadowed but what needs to be done or where we need to get to next. After this week, we have decided that as a family we need to do a little less and be home a little more, because these little girls are growing so quickly and we don’t want to miss out on it or even just miss out on the chance to enjoy it!


I am going to end this now because I know it is long and very picture heavy, I hope you all enjoy looking at my beauties as much as I do!! I can’t believe I actually had enough time to finish a whole post! I have so many post ideas written down that I need to get to, but being realistic, it may be another 2 weeks until you hear from me on here again! So enjoy the rest of the summer!

BTW – this happened 3 times on vacation and I had to post the pic, because Autumn is usually VERY difficult to get to go to sleep anywhere…

Vacation 043Vacation 125 

She tired herself right out!!

3 thoughts on “A Little Vacation…

  1. Meaghan, you are inspiring! You make mothering look effortless. It’s so fun to see your girls and all the fun you guys have as a family! I love reading your blog 🙂


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