An Afternoon Tea

So, the school year is right around the corner and after a lot of pray, thought and conversation, we have decided to send Gabbi to public school this year. For me, this was an extremely hard decision, and to be honest, I am still a little nervous about it, but as a family, we are all really excited for her and to see how this all plays out. Gabbi is looking forward to going, and at the beginning of August we began our end of summer countdown. I really wanted to do something to celebrate this special occasion and was looking for something that we could perhaps repeat each year as Gabbi (and eventually all three girls!) gears up for the upcoming school year. Gabbi had been asking for a little while to have a tea party with her friends and it just seemed like the perfect way to celebrate growing up! So we called a few of her best girl friends, two from her new school that she will be attending, and two from our church family, and we made a plan. We got up early on Wednesday morning and we began to clean and decorate. Gabbi wanted a fancy, traditional tea party – so I called my aunt who I knew had loads of fun and fancy decorations and she was nice enough to let us borrow everything we needed to create the perfect table setting! After an early morning trip to the market for fresh flowers we got to work setting up this gorgeous table:

tea party 001tea party 002tea party 010tea party 011tea party 003tea party 004


And we set up a little spread of tea sandwiches, peaches and some little cakes that the girls could add their own toppings to:

tea party 006tea party 007tea party 008tea party 009


The girls began to arrive and we had them wait patiently in the living room for everyone to get here before they could sit down…the girls stared out the window waiting for the others Smile

tea party 012tea party 013

I bought little hats and Micheals that they could decorate before they began their tea party, this way they would all have hats to wear…they all look so cute!

tea party 014tea party 015tea party 016tea party 017tea party 018

Then they got to enjoy their tea and sandwiches while I took the opportunity to talk to them about the upcoming school year, what they were afraid of and excited for and we got to pray together for the Lord to bless their year! We also spent some time telling each other all the things we liked about each other to give them a little self esteem boost (though none of these little girls seemed to need it! I think I am more nervous than they are!!) When it was time for dessert, I left them alone and let them play tea party, where they very quickly began speaking in fake British accents and laughing at everything they said!

tea party 019tea party 020tea party 021

tea party 022tea party 023tea party 024

After about an hour and a half of sitting at the table, they decided to play “dainty tea party tag” outside, where they ran slowly in their dresses and heels…this lasted about 5 minutes and I had to go out and ask them not to climb the tree in their dresses. At least they had fun being fancy for a little while Smile

tea party 027tea party 028

They stayed outside for awhile and then came in and had a dance contest before they were picked up. I am lucky to be blessed with a very talented mother, who painted little tea cups for the girls to each take home! They had their names on them and they were all very excited to take them. Each of them were different and I should have taken pictures of them all, but sadly I forgot – here is Gabbi’s though:

tea party 030tea party 031tea party 032

(She makes these to order and does wine glasses, coffee mugs, vases and pretty much anything you can think of – check out her Facebook page – Jill Koch)

I was so excited that the tea party turned out exactly as I imagined it! Scarlet slept the whole time and my mother – in – law was gracious enough to take the monster for the afternoon (Harley went to my mom’s for the night and to our friend’s for an hour as well so that he didn’t destroy everything as well)….I hope that all the girls had as much fun attending as I did hosting it for them! I can’t wait to do it again next year!!! Tea parties is definitely one of the perks of being the mom to little girls! Thank you to the moms who let their girls be a part of it!

tea party 026

5 thoughts on “An Afternoon Tea

  1. How cute honey!! And… Linda and I are always glad to help! I think you already know that. This looks like it was such a hit too! And… a very special thanks for the “plug” and compliments on the glasses. I had so much fun painting them knowing how excited they would be. I know I would when I was a little girl too! Love you and again I am sooo very proud of the mother you have become!!! If you don’t know it… I’m smiling now…


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