A few things on my mind

Hey all! So its been a few weeks since my last post and I apologize about that. Things around here have been mostly just crazy, sometimes I feel like we are back into the mode of constantly running around and the days just fly by! There have been so many different things that I have wanted to write about, but they slip away from me before I get the time to do a full post. I thought that I would take a little time posting snippets about the topics that I have been wanting to write about so I can get them off of my mind Smile ….. sorry in advance if this post is a little jumbled….

Can I first start off by saying that I am so excited that we are in fall now!! I LOVE this season! I can’t help but just stand outside smiling in the crisp weather, looking at all of the changing leaves and becoming excited about the upcoming holiday season. We have decorated a bit with some gourds and leaves, were able to visit a pumpkin patch and go on a hayride, made a batch of apple butter, went camping one last time and are looking forward to creating Halloween costumes and going out trick or treating. I love this time of being a parent, where I know that we are creating these fantastic memories for our children. Watching them run out into the pumpkin patch to pick their pumpkins I began to wonder what things they will remember most. While I absolutely love being in the moment with them, I am also trying to be intentional about creating little traditions for our little family. When they grow up (which will be faster than I know), I hope that when the weather starts to change and leaves begin to fall that they will remember all of the fun things we did together during this time of the year Smile. Here are some pictures of the things that we have been up to, since I know you all love to see the pictures!!!

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I love that my kids LOVE to be outside!!

(Funny Story: On our trip to the farm, Matt lost his wedding ring in that big sand box of corn kernels. It has been too big for sometime now and he has been meaning to go and get it fixed but has not had time. If anyone has ever been to Cobble Creek Farms, they know that finding it would be close to impossible, but we called anyways and told the owners. We prayed about it, but we had honestly resigned ourselves to the fact that it was gone for good and we would have to purchase a new one. Tonight, almost an entire week later, they found it and called us right away.  We were so excited! Matt drove out and picked it up immediately, and now he has it back just in time for us to celebrate our two year wedding anniversary tomorrow night Smile. Praise Jesus for answering even the smallest of prayers!)


Ok – so there is that, I have been meaning to post these fall pictures on here, and now I have done it and on to the next thing:

An update on my choice to go vegan two weeks ago:

I have no complaints at all. Honestly, I feel fantastic, Scarlet is spitting up WAY less than she ever has and I have lost 5 more pounds without working out (unless you count chasing around my kids, which I do almost all day). Matt has found that we can actually make a lot of recipes without animal products (though he welcomes any and all invitations to dinner at this point Smile) and my kids that eat food have both loved everything! I am sleeping better, when Scarlet lets me, and have more energy during the day which is leading to be consuming less coffee. I have not had to deal with one day of feeling nauseas or having heart burn since switching as well, which is a huge win in this stupid battle I have with my digestive system. Plus, I have found a lot of food blogs with some amazingly delicious recipes that I can’t wait to try. I have purchased some vitamin supplements to add to the food to make sure that I (and for Scarlet mostly) am getting all essential vitamins that can be lacking in a vegan diet, such as B6 and B12 and still having to spend a little more time making sure that I am eating a balanced diet, but so far I love it!

Matt and I have also been drinking green smoothies daily and they are awesome! I have to admit that I was seriously skeptical myself about trying them, but they are delicious and he asks me to make them for him now which I love. Our favorite combination has been:

oct 2012 050

2 handfuls of spinach

1 cup of frozen peaches

1/2 cup of frozen mango

ice and 1/4 cup of water

It makes 2 12oz bright green smoothies that taste great, though I like mine a little sweeter so I add some Almond milk to mine

oct 2012 051

(See…he is actually drinking something healthy!)

kids playing

The last topic I wanted to talk about is more of a question than anything. Up until this point I have been blessed with the fact that all of the parents of Gabbi’s friends have been amazing people who I have felt comfortable with Gabbi being around right away. We have created friendships with all of the parents and in a lot of the circumstances, I have been so thankful for Gabbi’s friendships leading to my own. This week, however, we have come across a bit of a problem where Gabbi has befriended a very sweet little girl, with parents who seem to be uninvolved in what is going on. When I went over to introduce myself, the mother didn’t seem very interested and didn’t even know that her daughter had been to my house. She then proceeded to tell me that Gabbi could stay and play even though she was leaving and her husband was asleep, which I said no to and instead the girls moved the play date to our house. The next day we had a similar incident, where she was unaware that the girls were planning to leave, and was unwilling to assist Gabbi home (we are only 6 houses down, but I don’t EVER let Gabbi walk anywhere alone). This led to Gabbi becoming upset and me having to come and pick her up when she didn’t get home on time. It was a mess, and I am unsure how to handle it going forward. It appears as though there is more than 1 family on our street who allow the kids to play from house to house unattended after school. Personally, this isn’t something that I am comfortable with. I don’t mind Gabbi going to other houses to play, but I don’t like that the fact that one minute they are in one place, and another minute they are somewhere else, with none of the parents seeming to have a clue exactly where they are. At what age does this become acceptable? These kids range in age from 5 to 9 I think. Am I being overly protective and uptight? My gut instinct says that Gabbi should just invite them to play here, at least until I get to know the parents more, the problem with that is that most of the kids don’t want to stay in one place all afternoon. Parents of older children, I could use your wisdom here!! Friendships and time to play are so important when growing up, but navigating this road is a little scary. I don’t want to put Gabbi in a position that is too old for her too early.


I will leave you with a few more fun pictures of the girls Smile….

Autumn’s first time finger painting….

oct 2012 071oct 2012 072oct 2012 075oct 2012 076oct 2012 078

Apparently its more fun to paint herself!

oct 2012 012oct 2012 016oct 2012 054oct 2012 068oct 2012 069oct 2012 137

I hope that I didn’t overload you all with these little cuties this time!

5 thoughts on “A few things on my mind

  1. Autumn is too funny in the dog crate and painting herself!!! LOL. Stick to your guns about not letting Gabbi run around the neighborhood. I don’t think any kids that age should be allowed to that? Just not safe. I also cannot believe Matt is drinking the green smoothie. Good for you getting him to eat some health foods.


  2. Loved reading this 🙂 your blog is so awesome and encouraging. Also really appreciated the green smoothie recipe recommend. I want to try juicing and more healthy eating with our little fam… and of course the two biggest concerns are always cost and taste. It’s always an adventure! xoxo


    • Grocery budgets have to be one of the most stressful things about being a young fam! We want to eat healthy, but we have limited funds to buy any of the fancy food lol! Whole foods and extra time in the kitchen usually means spending less money in our house…it will be worth it in the long run when all of our little people are healthy throughout growing up 🙂 Thanks for reading!!


  3. Well…. I consider myself qualifying as I am a parent of older children. I am your parent! LOL… But, I too was up against these challenges when you and your sister and brother were little. I agree with you about how important it is to know where your children are! Do you remember when you and John got old enough (maybe 9) I gave you those walkie talkies? I began then to allow you to play on the next street in a group, but ONLY because I knew the neighborhood and the kids and parents then. But, I wasn’t comfortable about not having any communication with you. So, we introduced the walkie talkies which actually worked pretty well. But, Gabbi is only 6, times are again different and I don’t think she should go to those homes right now. It’s sad, but it’s the way it is. If the girls want to come to her then that’s ok. We also went through those times with our pool. People just letting their kids come to our house for hours unattended by their parents. It was totally up to me to keep an eye on all of you in the pool. That became a problem too since it was becoming an every day event. You need to follow your gut on these decisions. If you are uncomfortable with it, then it is probably NOT a good thing.


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