Just say no (and other updates)

Well, first let me start off by saying to all of my regular readers that I apologize for the hiatus. Let me give you a little break down as to why I have not written in a few weeks…

I can’t even believe the amount of things that we have had going on. I said yes to helping out with the upcoming family night at Gabbi’s school, which I am super excited about but still a little overwhelmed by when I think about it. I signed on to be a girl scout leader for Gabbi’s girl scout troop, which is going to be a lot of fun but has been taking a lot of time to get into place. The holidays are coming up and that always makes things a little stressful and of course we are battling a cold that has decided to run through my house. In the middle of it all, my uncle offered to do our floors a month earlier than planned. This was a fantastic offer because if you have ever seen my old carpets downstairs, you know how much this was needed! However, this sent me scrambling a little bit to pack up all five of us to get out of the house for a few days. We were able to turn it into a little mini vacation by staying at my aunt and uncle’s lake house (thanks guys!!) and we had so much fun! Then the mini vacation ended and now we are moving back into our house and attempting to put everything back…all while the cold has settled on Scarlet now. 


Sick babies are not fun, even cute ones that don’t cry that much…


Throw in the normal everyday stuff that I barely get through, plus the dog almost breaking his nose and nearly ruining the brand new area rugs thirty minutes after laying them down and writing has been the last thing on my mind that past few days. That is the funny thing about being a “mommy blogger”, we are moms first. And this mom has been stretched about as thin as it can get. I have been informed by my husband that the only answer I am allowed to give to any other volunteer position that comes by way for the next few months is “no”.

I don’t know if I am the only mom that is like this, but I truly have a hard time saying no. Especially when it involves anything I think that my children would be remotely interested in. I look at the calendar and I get so overwhelmed by trying to squeeze in every event and activity that comes our way. I get so excited about things that I make a way to do them, but by the end of it all, some days I feel like we are just running around. We used to have a rule that we would only schedule two things a week outside of the house, that way if something came up last minute that we wanted to commit to, we could do it without feeling as though we were running ourselves ragged. Somewhere along the line I seem to have forgotten this rule and there are weeks when it feels like we are never home. I think that once we get through with some of our upcoming commitments that we are going to have to go back to that rule, but for now I am thankful for a husband that will point out to me that too much is too much.

I have a whole list of things that I want to post about, so I will probably start scheduling posts this week as I have time to write them. Thanks for sticking by while I get all of this stuff at home sorted out! Prayers for this cold to pass and stay away are greatly appreciated because this illness has added a lot of stress (and taken away a lot of sleep) these past three days!

BTW – since we have started a girl scout troop here in Brockport, we still have some room for kindergarteners and first graders if you are interested in getting your little girl signed up for scouts! It’s a lot of fun and we have some great activities in the works for these little girls this year. We meet every other Monday night, so let me know if you are interested! Also, Gabbi will be doing some last minute cookie sales for those of you in the area who think that you may have  missed cookie sale time. We only have a small window of time to sell due to our late start up of this troop, so get your orders in to me ASAP!!


oct 2012 136

Can anyone believe that this little caged up cutie will be 18 months old on Friday!!?? Can’t wait to post about upcoming potty training adventures!

(SN: no the door on the cage is not locked, and yes she went in herself and was in for like two seconds. Though at times it may be tempting, I do not cage my children Smile)

One thought on “Just say no (and other updates)

  1. You have a good man… Matt is doing his job–the other half of “provide and protect.” By protecting you from overcommitment, he’s making sure your (and the rest of the family’s) sanity stays in check! lol! And the reason you have any guilt in saying ‘no’ is because you truly enjoy involvement and being a part of your kid’s lives! Nothing wrong with that! The only problem is that there are only 24 hours in a day, and there will always be things that will need volunteers and will play tug-o-war for your attention. Each time we commit to something, it is not just us — it is our whole family who commits, as the effects ripple to them, be it through rushed meals, lack of attention (because we’re too busy planning other things), or just a stressed, tired, and grouchy mom, to name a few. It’s not about guilt — It’s all about balance. 😉 You are such a good mom!!


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