dairy, meat, and gluten, oh my!

Hello out there from the depths of food allergy hell….

Ok, so maybe I am being a bit overdramatic, but seriously, we have been dealing with some stuff for a few days (and other stuff for longer), so I felt the need to write! Plus I have not written on here in awhile, so hello! and here is a little update on our current nutritional situation….


If you have not read my post about going Vegan, you should totally check it out. It explains a lot of my reasoning behind it and let me just say that it has been going well. I feel a lot better physically, have lost 15 pounds without dieting or even eating less, and I have had a lot of fun coming up with great recipes that my whole family can enjoy. I know that I keep promising recipes, and I have a few that we have tried more than once now that I finally feel comfortable posting, so look for those Monday morning Smile….

I don’t plan on going back to eating meat or dairy, because I really enjoy eating Vegan and the more I read up on it, the better I feel about the decision I have made. My kids are eating a mostly Vegan diet (as is my husband, who LIKES it!! Though I did cook him some chicken yesterday…), but I still allow them to have some meat and some dairy here and there. I didn’t want to be so strict with them that they couldn’t still choose foods they enjoy when with friends, or eat what they want to when we are out. I think that they appreciate that, at least I like to think they appreciate it….

So its been going well, but there are still some issues that have gone unresolved with me. Mostly the nausea after certain meals and in the morning (and NO, I am 100% SURE that we are not having another baby any time soon), as well as some other, more personal bathroom issues…

Fatigue, which is a hard thing to measure considering the amount of sleep I get, is an issue too, as well as dealing with some migraines (some are horrific, where all I can do is lay in bed Sad smile)…but honestly, compared to how I was feeling, this was nothing that concerned me too much and I was willing to just wait awhile to see if it figured itself out before eliminating anything else from my diet.

That was until we took Autumn to the doctor’s office for a recent well child exam. Autumn has been mostly dairy free since she was about 3 months old. We have recently been more lenient about dairy in things (butter in potatoes, cookies with milk used to make them) but we have had a few issues come up the last few months that were a bit scary. The first is that she was randomly breaking out in hives after eating, especially if something touched her skin for too long. We tried to find a correlation between the foods, but it was really random and we still have not found one for sure. A handful of times, after eating, she broke out in a rash on her belly and her back. Then there is this on going runny nose, which has been lasting for months now, which she was on antibiotics for (along with an ear infection), but it didn’t stop. The two biggest things though, are that she seems to not feel well often, and she has been eating a TON of food (if you have seen her eat, then you know what I mean), without gaining much weight at all (going from about the 28th percentile, to the the 7th in the last two appointments alone…)

After speaking to somewhat of a nutritional expert, as well as the NP at her doctor’s office, we all feel that the culprit is most likely a food allergy. It could be the exposure to dairy, but its so little that I don’t really think that it would cause the problems we are experiencing. After doing a ton of reading over the last few days, as well as talking to a few people, I am pretty confident that she has a gluten allergy….

So I talked to my mom and it turns out that I had a lot of the same problems when I was younger, and they have just progressively gotten worse as I have gotten older. This is NOT what I want for my children, especially since we know so much more about nutrition now.

So Autumn and I are embarking on a gluten – free diet, beginning today. I took her with me to the store yesterday and she picked out some special goodies, and I plan to do some baking tonight so she doesn’t feel deprived. We will be doing food journaling as well, so we can see any correlation between any more hives and rashes, as well as general crankiness and the runny nose. I got so overwhelmed in the grocery store yesterday that I broke down in tears in the gluten free section. I don’t ever want my kids to not feel well, but I especially don’t want to make it worse by feeding them exactly what makes them sick!

Scarlet has gone down the same path as Autumn with the dairy, so if this works, we will have to be careful about introducing gluten into her diet in the future. Gabbi seems to handle it fine, so hopefully lactose intolerance is her only issue going forward…

If anyone has any fabulous gluten free recipes that they would like to share if us, please email them to me! (asfourbecomesfive@gmail.com)…

Today will be a sad day at church when we tell Autumn that she can’t have a donut…


4 thoughts on “dairy, meat, and gluten, oh my!

  1. Oh no! This a quite the journey you are on right now! I hope you and Autumn feel better soon. I will be researching gluten free stuff.
    ps. I wouldn’t want to be the one to tell Autumn she can’t have a donut! LOL


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