Is the only word I can think of describe what life has been like for the past month or so. I have sat down to write so many times, but then I have come up with a million excuses as to why I don’t have time to sit here and write a blog post. A few days turns into a few weeks….and before you know it, I have neglected my blog for over a month…ugh…

Most of our days are still spent testing out new recipes, chasing newly mobile children and cleaning. Meals seem to take up the majority of my day anymore….I feel like a personal chef some days!! I like cooking, but sometimes I wish we could just order pizza lol….


The girl’s valentine’s day breakfast. We stay away from food coloring 99% of the time anymore, but I couldn’t resist making pink pancakes!

I also try to throw in a few simple Pinterest projects here and there, but sometimes Pinterest makes me even more overwhelmed! Its like “Here, look at the things you could be doing if you weren’t wasting time looking at all the things everyone else has already done!” – I mean how many stay – at – home moms REALLY find the time to do all of these projects? They must have 27 hour long days somewhere that I am missing out on…I recently made this dry erase to – do list, which was quick and practical. I feel better now not wasting so much paper!

photo (8)

I have started running, which I have just fallen in love with. Most days I wish I had more time, but the few runs I go on each week are sufficient enough for me to feel like I am getting healthier and having a little time to myself. I am technically training to be able to run a half marathon by mid to late summer…but I am finding that I don’t have the time for all of the longer runs, so that goal *might* have to be pushed back to the fall/winter. Either way, I am just happy to get out there when I can!

Here is what each of the girls have been up to recently:



Gabbi had this last week off of school and before the week even started her schedule was completely full of activities, as she tried to squeeze in some time to see all of her friends outside of school! Friday night she had a field trip to Strong Museum with her Girl Scout troop which was chaos fun! She had two sleepovers, went to the movies twice, got her hair cut, had a trip to the mall, went out for sushi, went to Bounce It Out!, went to a birthday party and had a pajama fun day with all of her friends from church, all before Thursday when she went to her dad’s house! Needless to say – this week has left me exhausted! However, I am glad that she had a lot of fun and got to fit in all of the activities that she wanted to do the most. By Monday I am sure she will be ready to go back to school for this long stretch until Spring Break…


She is doing really great in school. We had a little bit of a meltdown a little over a month ago where she said that she didn’t want to go anymore, but from some of the parents I have talked to, I am coming to find out that that is normal after Christmas break for some kids. She is working really hard to improve in reading and writing, says that she loves math now and always looks forward to the days when they have gym class. She is getting really into sports, which I am so thankful for. I am really looking forward to soccer starting at the beginning of summer and so is she.  She has also been asking to join me on some of my shorter runs and she does really well. She can run for longer than I can, so she ends up being a great motivator!

We have had a little problem with some attitude these past few weeks, but she seems to go in stages. Comes with the territory I guess, I mean she will be 7 in less than 3 months!! I’m just thankful that we are not dealing with boys too much…I’ll take a little attitude over boy crazy any day right now!


Autumn definitely keeps me on my toes….every…single…day…

But, she keeps my days interesting, which I really appreciate. She is beginning to talk a lot more, which is SO FUNNY. Every day she has some new word or phrase that she can say that is just so adorable. Her absolute favorite thing to say is “What is that?” and she asks me at least 100 times a day what different things are. She is so smart, but she gets so frustrated when she is trying to tell you something and you can’t understand her. It has led to a few tantrums and some hitting, but the more she can talk, the less it seems to be happening. We spend a lot of time each day going around the house and naming everything so she can learn more words.

photo (10)

She is, however, banned from the grocery store. By my doing, not the store’s, only after our last trip to Wegman’s I wouldn’t be surprised if they had wanted to. She throws the WORST tantrums in the grocery store. She doesn’t like to be in the cart, and being around all of the food that she can’t have is really hard for her I think. We are still doing no dairy or gluten for her and it definitely seems to be helping. We gave her a small amount of regular spaghetti a few weeks ago, and she got really sick. So now we know for sure that she is having a negative reaction to the gluten, and while its overwhelming for shopping and cooking, we are a lot more diligent about what she eats.

I am happy to announce though that she is getting along much better with other kids. We stopped going to the Y for awhile because Autumn would just cry/scream when she was left in the nursery or would be mean to other kids. Now, I take her twice a week for the interaction with other kids and to help with some of her separation anxiety and it seems to be helping a ton. She LOVES it and gets really excited when we pull in the parking lot. Another great motivator for me to get in those work outs that I always seem to push to the back burner!!


Scarlet is just the best baby ever. She is still so happy all the time and I am so thankful everyday that the Lord has blessed us with this happy, easy going little soul. She puts everyone in a better mood when she is awake because every time you look at her she smiles and laughs. She is almost 8 months old (ahhh!!) and she is totally mobile. She crawls around everywhere, but she REALLY wants to walk. She began pulling herself up on everything a few weeks ago, but now she holds on with just one hand a lot and tries to let go with both hands. I have a feeling she will be walking soon, which is going to look really funny because she is still so tiny.


Speaking of being small, the doctors have been expressing some concern over her size, so we have been at the doctor’s office every few weeks lately. She is gaining weight really slowly, and apparently she is not very tall. Apparently the healthy weight range for her age is somewhere around 15lbs to 25lbs, and at her last visit she was only 14.5 lbs. Their concern is because she is eating a lot and still nursing 4 times a day they feel like she should be gaining weight quicker or something. She SEEMS perfectly healthy to me, but we did take her in to get some blood work done about a week ago, so we are waiting on the results. The doctor’s were talking about potential thyroid/digestive issues, which is scary to me, but I am believing and trusting in the Lord that everything will come back normal. I was reading Exodus this past week because it was part of my bible reading plan and I came across this scripture that I know I had heard before, but that meant so much more to be now: “The Lord will fight for you; you need only be still.” (Exodus 14:14) This has become my mantra through everything, and my prayer daily, especially with any potential health issues on the horizon.

All three of my kids are on the lower end of the spectrum weight wise (which the didn’t inherit from me haha!!), so I feel like they may be a little over concerned.

She is saying Mama and Dada, which makes me very happy – Autumn still only says “Mommy” when she is crying, if you ask her to say “Mommy” any other time, she says “No, Daddy”….she is def a daddy’s girl.

So that’s what’s going on with all of the girls. We are starting to plan their joint birthday bash, which is going to be so much fun!! I can’t wait to celebrate all three of them! We are NOT going to be having it at our house this year (those who came last year know that is was a little cramped, though I was so grateful that so many people wanted to come and celebrate the girls with us!), but we are probably going to be having it at the beach. I’m working on a flourless, vegan, low sugar, peanut butter cookie this afternoon – when its perfected I will post the recipe! Have I mentioned before that I am so thankful that we don’t have to contend with peanut allergies?? I can deal with the no wheat, no dairy, no meat (this one by choice)….but no peanut butter may literally make me lose my mind…

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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