Spring, is that you?

Okay…so what is happening in my house right now, NEVER happens….all the kids (including the dogs) are STILL asleep. Its 8:35 am, the babies are usually up by 6:45! It’s a miracle! I bet it has something to do with the amount of time we spent outside yesterday. We were literally outside all day….

We couldn’t decide which park to go to, so we decided to go to as many as we could! Gabbi and I had planned on 4, but at the first park Autumn ran off, slipped and was literally covered head to toe in mud! I was so upset, and she was upset too because she doesn’t like to be dirty…so we had to whisk her off, back to the house and get her changed. Before the mud incident though, the girls had a lot of fun at the first park! It was a little windy, but they didn’t seem to mind!


After we got Autumn all cleaned up, we got back on the road and headed over to Hamlin Beach State Park. Do you guys know that there are some awesome hiking trails there? We discovered them last year and it has been our go to hiking spot ever since. The girls LOVE to be in the woods exploring and collecting sticks and rocks. We had packed a little picnic and stopped at this one clearing to eat. It was so funny watching Scarlet sit on the blanket and eat a sandwich with the other two….why is she SO BIG already?


When we were done hiking, we went over to the beach and walked on the pathway all the way to the playground at Area 3. We checked out the shelter where the girl’s birthday party will be and of course we played on the playground for a little bit! Autumn is big enough to climb all over those things by herself now and her and Gabbi chased each other and went down slides dozens of times! They were not too happy when it was time to go, but we had been gone for 4 hours at this point and I needed, the girls needed a nap.

When we got home, I was so excited to see that my new jogging stroller had arrived already!! I am so happy to have this now that it is getting warmer out! Motivation to go for runs more often because now I don’t need a sitter to go!! Immediately after dinner, I had to try it out! It pushes like a dream, the speakers are so cool because Autumn will stay anywhere with music, and the seats seem so much more secure than our regular stroller. The only downside is that its wider than our old stroller, and it weighs about 40lbs. I don’t know yet if we will be able to use it on many indoor adventures, but we will see!


Speaking of dinner, I was so distracted by putting it together that I burnt our whole dinner and we had to order pizza…

Which reminds me, I don’t think that I have told you all about our diet changes. As you all have read, we have been going without meat, dairy and gluten for awhile now. Well it has been going well it has been extremely overwhelming. Food preparation was taking up the majority of my time it felt like, and our rotation of meals was getting a little boring. After talking with my husband, we decided we needed to really evaluate what we thought the real problem was and go from there. We are certain that Gluten is a main issue for Autumn and myself, so we are continuing on Gluten free. We have begun to add some meat, dairy and eggs back into our diet, but not nearly as much as we ate before. So far, it seems to be going okay. The dairy still makes me feel sluggish and I think it might give Autumn an upset stomach, so we are trying to keep that to a minimum. However, meat, when we decide to eat it, is going okay and I don’t seem to get sick much anymore. I am still completely consumed with my children’s nutritional well being, and I still believe that a lot of things can be cured/fixed by what we do or do not put in our bodies. However, I have to admit that not having a label like “Vegan”, is much less overwhelming.  We are still trying to stick to whole foods as much as possible, but with the craziness of Easter and our backyard remodel, we have been eating out a little more than normal recently.

If anyone has some great Gluten Free resources I would love to know about them! And keep sending links to Vegan recipes, because we are still going meat free at least half of the time Smile!

Stay tuned for a post on our backyard remodel….I am so excited to reveal the final product! The girls will have a nice yard to play in this summer and nothing makes me happier!


One thought on “Spring, is that you?

  1. Awww honey! I am so proud of you yet again! I love how much you do with the girls. I was the same with you guys and I am sure those memories have played some role in your motherhood. Now you are also leaving that “mark” with your girls. It’s all worth it! All the mud, in and out of the car, changing needs etc… Love to see you so happy!


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