4th times a charm….or is it?

First of all, can I just say that every time I take a second to process the fact that we will have 4 kids here before this year is over I start to get anxious. Don’t get me wrong, I am SO excited to be welcoming another baby into our family, but 4 at times sounds like such a big number and it makes me a little bit nervous. We have always wanted a big family since the day we knew we would be married, but sometimes I think I doubt my own ability to care for this many children at once! But, God’s grace is sufficient and I know that on the days when I don’t feel I have the energy or the strength, He will provide. After all, He chose me as the mom for these precious souls long before I knew of them….

And speaking of precious souls…how cute are these??




These girls, though they might drive me insane on some days (or every day, but who’s counting really??) are the light of my life. I couldn’t imagine doing anything other than dressing them up, snuggling them, loving on them, dancing with them, praying for them and teaching them how to grow into Godly women. They are thick as thieves these 3….they get closer and closer to each other as they get older and nothing in life would make me happier than seeing them grow into the best of friends as they get older. They teach each other so much already, and even though they are not old enough to realize it yet, they lean on each other too and look out for one another. I hope they know how lucky they are to have each other as sisters!

That’s why this time around, I wasn’t really anxious about whether or not we were having a girl or a boy. Of course I was overwhelmed with anticipation today because I knew we would find out, but the truth is that I didn’t care one way or the other. A boy would be fun to throw into the mix, it would be different and exciting, almost like having a first baby all over again. Then again, a girl would fit right in, with built in best friends and a family whose specialty seems to be caring for little girls. I went to the ultrasound excited and anxious to see this little baby and to find out who he or she was….

And boy did this baby give us a run for its money. It flipped and flopped all over, making measurements difficult and finding out the gender almost near impossible! It kept its little legs closed tight while it kicked and turned all over. We were overjoyed to hear that the baby is perfectly healthy, measuring in at about 8 oz and right on track with development for a late November arrival.


We got some amazing pictures, but as we neared the end it seemed like we might not be able to find out the gender. I was terrified, because I am not a person who likes to wait for anything. Not knowing the gender, not calling the baby by his/her name makes me feel like there is too much out of my control, and I like to be in control. But then, after a lot of persuading on our part, that little baby moved into the perfect position for the picture we were waiting for….


The tech didn’t need to say anything, I have seen my fair share of little girl ultrasound pictures and I knew there was something missing if it was a boy! The Lord has blessed us with ANOTHER GIRL!!! He must have a lot more faith in our abilities to raise women than we do! But I sure cannot wait to bring this little one home and introduce her to her three big sisters!! She will be so loved and or house is going to be so full of laughter, dancing, tea parties and dresses that I am just beside myself with joy.

Matt is excited too, I promise. He loves the girls that we have now more than anything, and he is an incredible dad for little girls. This  one will be just as blessed as her sisters, and we couldn’t love her anymore than we do already….

Oh, and most of you do not know that we already have a name picked out for her. I wish there was some long story behind picking this one like there was with deciding Scarlet’s name, but the truth is, we heard it, we loved it, we agreed and so it stuck…I think it truly gets harder to pick out a name the more kids you have!


Here she is!! Our little….

Emerson Belle Morris

(Emmy Belle)

She is so cute already, I can hardly contain my excitement and anticipation for November!!

5 thoughts on “4th times a charm….or is it?

  1. Us Zimmer’s have 4 girls and people are always saying “God bless your father!!” but really, he just ended up with 4 girls that love him (and our mom of course) that he can spoil forever and ever! And my mom actually has a magnet somewhere that says “There’s a special place in heaven for the mother of 4 girls”…. Congrats girlie!!


    • I almost forgot that there are 4 of you guys!! I know Matt is going to be one lucky guy with so many women to take care of him when he gets older :)I would love to know where your mom got that magnet!! That is great!!


  2. Meg and Matt,
    I was very sure in my mind that you guys would have yet another beautiful little girl. I got premature confirmation when I had the conversation with 90 year old Charlie at the lake. when I told him I thought Matt was in for a long haul as I thought you would have another girl………..his reply was Matt would be blessed to have so many woman take care of him. I could not be happier or more proud of you guys to have the courage to raise a large family in these times. I know your faith is a big part of this and I know God will watch over your great family. I am truly amazed and absolutely delighted to have seven grand children and our eighth miracle on the way. Emerson Belle we are waiting for you with all our love!


  3. HOW EXCITING!!! I can’t help but picture your house like a modern day “Little Women”! How beautiful to have a kinship of sisters to raise! You and Matt are such good parents, no matter what God chose to give you, you will do a fine job of it, I know. 🙂 You are a woman with your priorities in order and a heart for your home. Your family is mightily blessed, “Marmee” dear!! I can’t wait to meet little Emmy Belle!!


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