Sprinklers and Lemonade….

I feel like its been so long since I sat down to write a post just to write! These kids keep me running around like crazy and the rest of my free time has been spent on this copywriting course that I have been taking online. Hooray for home businesses! I’m hoping to have a website set up in the next few months and be able to start taking clients, it will be awesome to be back to work writing without actually needing to leave the house…and maybe I’ll feel a lot better about that degree that we are still paying for!

But, enough about that since there isn’t too much more to say about it for the time being Smile

Can I just say that I am so glad that it is summer? Summer isn’t always my favorite season, because it gets so hot and we seem to always be super busy, but this year we are having so much fun! We planted new grass in our backyard and it is such a relief to finally have that done! I have been dying for it it to be finished so the girls could get out there and really play and for the first time yesterday they were able to run around in the sprinkler. I was so ecstatic watching them that it literally brought me to tears (the tears could have something to do with being pregnant though…)! I am so grateful to everyone who came out over the last few months and helped with all the digging, raking, fence building, concrete pouring, and weeding! I am especially thankful to my husband who worked tirelessly to get that grass in there while I nagged him endlessly about it….

We got a new camera recently, which is another big thing that I am excited about/grateful for, and so of course I took lots of pictures from yesterday! I hope you enjoy them! The first few are of Gabbi playing soccer and a quick trip to Barnes and Noble we took Sunday after church. I am so thankful for kids who love books and love to read. Barnes and Noble is one of our favorite places to visit as a family, even if we don’t buy anything (other than Starbucks of course!)….

The rest of the pics are from them playing in the sprinkler! They had such a blast, they were out there for nearly 2 hours! Warning: if naked baby butts offend you, they you shouldn’t scroll any further. Enjoy these pics of my super cute girlies:



They all took turns pretending to be the storytime story teller….


They were so excited, they didn’t even wait to change into their suits!


Taking a break to drink some lemonade…


Scarlet became brave enough towards the end to go through by herself…


I am sorry…but there are few things that are cuter than naked baby butts….just sayin…

What is your favorite thing to do with your kids in the summer? What fun activities can you suggest to keep us all busy and enjoying the nice weather???

This morning they all painted pictures…


Tomorrow we head to Genesee Country Village!!

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