A trip to the past…

To those of you who have never been to Genesee Country Village and Museum, you are truly missing out! We have been there once before, but we were so excited to take the kids this past Tuesday! I LOVE museums in general, but this one is so hands on that you feel like you have literally stepped back into time. I was a little nervous about whether or not Autumn and Scarlet were too young to enjoy it yet, but they had an absolute blast. Even the fact that it was literally 100 degrees didn’t shorten our day! We learned so much while we were there, and the girls got to try their hand at some pretty cool things! I wish I had taken more pictures, but we had too much fun experiencing the place and I kept forgetting to take out the camera! So here is just a little peak at our step back into the 1800s….

July, 2nd half 003July, 2nd half 006

Our first stop was the Civil War camp and balloon. They had a whole encampment set up around the balloon, and the girls got to go in the tents, lay on the beds and look at all the equipment the soldiers would have had back then. These are the only two pictures that came out okay, because I was so worried about the little girls breaking something or eating something! I got over that more as the day went on…

July, 2nd half 019July, 2nd half 022July, 2nd half 026

These little boys were marching around in the heat all day as part of their soldier training camp. They were so cute! We were randomly get a peak at them lining up and doing drills. At then end of the day we got to watch them march across the main courtyard with drums and flutes playing! They must have been sweating like crazy, but they looked as if they had so much fun all day.

July, 2nd half 024July, 2nd half 027July, 2nd half 030

The girls ran up to every door and went into every building. Gabbi asked so many questions and Autumn was intrigued by everything! Including any toy she could find!

July, 2nd half 039July, 2nd half 041July, 2nd half 042July, 2nd half 043July, 2nd half 046July, 2nd half 053July, 2nd half 054July, 2nd half 055

We spent a half hour in the pioneer house. The girls learned how to make a salad out of plants that we throw away as weeds today. They also got to help grind corn into cornmeal. My girls love to cook, so this was a treat for them! The only hard part for Autumn and Scarlet was that they couldn’t actually eat any of it! Good thing we brought a lot of snacks. Gabbi also learned her favorite fact of the day at the pioneer house, and that was that they didn’t eat lunch! They thought it was so cool that the women would prepare the biggest meal of the day, dinner, at lunch time and that everyone would eat together then. She couldn’t stop talking about it all day!

July, 2nd half 057July, 2nd half 066July, 2nd half 068

At the Jones Farm, the girls pretended to churn butter and sweep the dining room. Then they sat at the table and took a break. It was so nice that they could really touch and experience everything in such a hands on way.

July, 2nd half 090July, 2nd half 092July, 2nd half 094

They sat at the desks of the all girls school house, and practiced writing on slate boards. The second favorite fact of the day was that not all girls would go on to high school. Only those who could afford it would be able to go. Having all daughters, I couldn’t imagine them not having the opportunity for education based solely on the amount of money we made or our standing in society.

July, 2nd half 113July, 2nd half 118July, 2nd half 125July, 2nd half 127

July, 2nd half 120

Because it was really hot, we took a long break in the garden at one of the homes. They had this beautiful brick walkway that was covered with gorgeous vines. The girls loves running up and down it, and even took a little rest on the benches!

July, 2nd half 130July, 2nd half 132

I love watching these two play together!

July, 2nd half 135July, 2nd half 137July, 2nd half 139

The many faces of Gabbi. All these happened within a 60 second time span….

July, 2nd half 148

Maybe someday when we have a big backyard….we can have a walkway like this!

It was such a fun day, and with all the events they have going on every year, I am hoping to go back at least once more this season. I also look forward to continuing to take them as they get older. Listening to all of the questions Gabbi was asking throughout the day to the actors and actresses made me so excited! She was truly interested in finding out about the different buildings and they different activities people did during that time. I loved that I didn’t have to coach her into asking anything either, but that she took it upon herself to ask about the things she wanted to know. If you live close and have the opportunity to go, it is a really a great learning experience for the whole family! We highly recommend it!

This summer is just flying by! I can’t believe that we are more than halfway done with this pregnancy, that July is more than halfway over and that we are coming up on our family vacation this weekend! I am so looking forward to a long weekend away with just my little family….I’ll be sure to post lots of pics when we get back next week!

July, 2nd half 035

This picture was taken in one of the old churches at the museum. I told Matt that when I turned around and saw them coming that I saw a glimpse into the future of him walking Scarlet down the aisle. I love experiencing everything that these girls have brought into my life, but sometimes I just can’t take how fast it seems to be flying by. I know we have years and years and years until they are all married and starting their own families, but sometimes I feel like if I blink it will be here before I know it. There are days when I am so thrilled to see them growing and learning, and days when I wish I could just snuggle them forever! I am definitely saving this pic for the future!

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