Town Parade and a Day Trip

I cannot believe that summer is going by so quickly. Here we are mid – August and I am torn between feeling sad that summer is winding down and excitement/anticipation for Fall and all of the fun things it brings with it. We have been extremely busy this summer, and I am looking forward to the routine of Fall, the beginning of the holiday season and of course the arrival of our fourth! But, none the less, I am soaking up these last few weeks and planning all sorts of fun end of summer things to do. Here are some pics from some recent fun we have had…

One of the things that Gabbi had been looking forward to all summer was our local town parade. We just moved to Hamlin last year, but we had heard that there was a town parade every year and we were excited to go and watch it. Then, about 2 weeks before the parade, Gabbi’s coaches decided that their soccer team was going to march in it! Well Gabbi was over the moon – literally talking about the upcoming event EVERY.SINGLE.DAY until it finally arrived. Apparently marching in a parade was one of her “lifelong dreams”, which she has about a million of because she is 7, but we went along with her excitement and of course we went and watched the parade anxiously anticipating her arrival to our section….

Autumn cried when the fire trucks first started going by, but eventually she calmed down…


and they both had a blast watching all the people march by, especially those people who were handing out candy!

Scarlet even met a new friend and watched most of the parade with him and his wife….


She loves to meet other Grandpas…

After about a half an hour of watching various marching bands and emergency response vehicles go by, our star was finally about to march by us….


She waved to us, but she looked pretty tired by the time she got to us, since we were sitting at the end, but then Autumn saw her Sissy….


And she ran right into the parade to give her a big hug!! It melts my heart every time that I am reminded of how much my girls love each other….

Afterwards, we went into the carnival for a couple of rides, a game and some popcorn and we walked back home. It was such a fun night experiencing our little town in such a different way! We will definitely be attending again next year!

Yesterday, we got to have another fun family outing, by taking a day trip to Niagara Falls. I ALWAYS forget that Niagara Falls is so close to us, and Matt has been dying to take the girls to see the falls this summer. He has to drive there for work every Friday and he always comes home talking about how we should take a day trip there. So Monday night we made some pancakes for the ride up, packed a picnic lunch and headed out on the road first thing Tuesday morning. Our very first stop was the Niagara Falls Aquarium.  This was an adventure in itself…and not necessarily the good kind. We were SO excited to take them, because its an AQUARIUM! However, it didn’t exactly live up to our expectations. The girls loved seeing the sea lions and the seals, and were even entertained by all of the various fish tanks for about an hour. But then, that was really it…its an extremely small aquarium and definitely doesn’t have enough to entertain a family for the day. Not to mention…for the first time ever, our double stroller DID NOT fit through the door! This is the whole reason why I have absolutely no pictures, because it was impossible to keep track of two toddlers (one who didn’t want to be held and constantly kept running away from us because she was “free”, and another who is afraid of large crowds and shark statues apparently, who cried and screamed if I went out of sight for one second, even if it was just to catch the 1st one…) and try to answer all of the millions of intelligent yet never ending questions that come from taking a 7 year old ANYWHERE. Thank goodness that we got in for free with our Seneca Park Zoo membership, because what really would have been sad is if we had paid the $30 it would have cost to get us all inside….

So Matt and I left that part of the day a lot earlier than planned, and a little disappointed. But our next stop was the park to see the falls and have a picnic. While I have no pictures of our wonderful picnic that we ate (again 2 toddlers…same reasons as above plus food!), we did get some pretty great pictures of the falls themselves, and the girls were completely fascinated by them and the rapids. I was so thankful that they were excited to see them, and we probably stood and watched the water for a good thirty minutes or so…


The girls loved watching how fast the water was rushing towards the falls…


Even I am still amazed when I see them…they are so pretty..


As usual, Gabbi had a million questions, both about the falls and Canada…but I so enjoy getting to spend some one on one time with this girl, even if just for a few minutes Smile. Thankful that my hubby thought to snap a few pics of us….

On the way back to the car after our trip to the aquarium and picnic, something wonderful happened that has never actually happened before….


Both girls fell asleep in the stroller at the same time! I was so excited that they were taking a nap!

They were all rested up for our final stop of the day…the outlet mall! Where I also have no pics from because I was too busy shopping. We got all of the girls some really cute new sweatshirts for fall, and we took Gabbi for a little surprise back to school shopping. She loved every second of trying on new clothes and is now excited for school to start so that she can actually have them! So thankful for a hubby who knows the way to his girl’s hearts and actually enjoys spending time shopping with us Smile.

We have had so many fun filled family adventures this summer, I guess I will be a little sad when it comes to an end this year. But, we still have a couple of weeks left, and I have a little list going of all the things that I want to try to squeeze in before the season is over, so I am sure you see a few more outings from us Smile with tongue out….

What is you favorite thing to do with your family over the summer? If you are in Upstate NY (or know the area pretty well) and have any fun places for me to add to our list please let me know of them!

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