Gluten Free Girl Scout Cookies??

When I was younger, I was in girl scouts for a long time. I loved every minute of it, and my two very best friends in girl scouts are still two of my very best friends now! Last year, when Gabbi started school, I decided to look into scouts for her because I knew that it would be such a great experience. When I found out that a leader was needed for her troop, I jumped at the chance! Now, in a few weeks were are about to embark on our second year in scouts and our first year as Brownies….but this post is really about one of the most important parts of scouts…COOKIES!

I have ordered Girl Scout Cookies every year of my life that I can remember, and I know a lot of you have done the same! Last year, I was so excited to find out that some of the cookies were dairy free, so I ordered a bunch. However, by the time we got our orders in, we had started on our gluten free journey and I realized I had just eliminated one of my favorite foods – Tag-a-longs.  I was so upset (seriously…I might have shed a tear or two out of sheer frustration at my body for seeming to have so many food issues!). Then I broke down, ate a box and got sick. My husband literally hid the rest of the boxes until he had eaten them all, even though I had no intention of trying them again and making myself feel so horrible.

I thought that my relationship with these wonderful chocolate covered peanut butter cookies was over, until last week when I finally decided to check out a blog that so many people I know have been RAVING about for a long time. I have been a little bored with our go to recipes, and since the morning sickness finally ended around 20ish weeks, I have been meaning to try out some new recipes – especially baked goods! So I went over to Real Sustenance, a food blog devoted to all sorts of allergen free recipes and I was overwhelmed with the number of recipes. I literally have a huge list of things that I want to try out! However, I knew that the first thing I needed to try to make were some cookies for my husband, so I went straight to the cookie section. When I saw the picture of the cookies I nearly jumped for joy! When I read the recipe and realized that I had all of the ingredients here at home I was even more excited!!

I’m just going to post a link to the actual recipe on her site, because I didn’t change anything and they came out fantastic:

Gluten Free Tag-a-longs

However, I did take some pics of our time making them! So I will go ahead and post those here Smile


Her recipe started out with this super-easy-to-make-can’t-really-mess-it-up short “bread” cookie made from almond meal. This cookie by itself was REALLY GOOD. I am going to make up some plain today just for the girls to munch on.


After they have cooled, we spread a mixture of peanut butter and powdered sugar onto the shortbread cookie…I was getting more and more excited as we went along! Have I mentioned how much we LOVE peanut butter in this house? Will all the food sensitivities and allergies we have,  I am so grateful that peanuts are NOT one of them


Then Gabbi got to dunk all of the peanut butter covered cookies into melted chocolate. Clearly ours don’t looks as nice as the ones pictured on her site, but Gabbi had a lot of fun and took her time covering each and every cookie!


We took some of the leftover shortbread cookies and topped them with honey and toasted shredded coconut, following the easier version of her Grain Free Samoas.

They were both incredibly delicious and will definitely become staples around this house….especially when Girl Scout Cookie season comes up in a few months!

For you former thin mint lovers, she also has a recipe for those as well, though I have not tried it!

I definitely recommend heading over to her site if you are looking for some fantastic recipes or even just some new ideas!

And simply because pictures of messy children are cute…here are some pictures of Autumn and Scarlet eating their breakfast of (previously frozen) mixed berry salad the other morning….


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