Adventure at Brown’s Berry Patch


Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day for late September; perfectly sunny, not raining at all and just warm enough to want to spend the whole day outside. We all know that winter is just around the corner here in Rochester, so we are soaking up all of the gorgeous fall weather moments outdoors. Yesterday we decided to do that with a fantastic family outing to a local pick – your – own farm, Brown’s Berry Patch. We have been there numerous times in summer months to pick berries and play, but in the fall they have hayrides and apples – my kids LOVE apples.

We had such a fantastic time, starting off with playing in the Barnyard adventure. I was overwhelmed with how good (for once it seems…) that my kids were! And the little ones were so brave. Autumn surprised me the most yesterday for sure, as she is afraid of tractors, large crowds of people, motorcycles and things in costume (seriously…it can make going places more than a little tough). Today she didn’t let fear stop her from having fun at all!! She followed her big sissy onto everything there was to do: rode a regular swing, sat by HERSELF on a hay ride, climbed a huge rope ladder, went on a train ride that went out of sight and was driven by a tractor and she got to ride a pony. I seriously cried at one point because I was so happy that she wasn’t being the shy, scared kid that she normally is when we go to busy places like this. I was so proud of her, and proud of Gabbi for encouraging her and staying with her every step of the way. Here are some pics from our trip:



That horse swing was so funny…I was surprised when they both when on it and I was constantly yelling “Not too high!” and “Hang on!”

Also – I thought it was really cute when Autumn wanted to push Scarlet…I love to see their changing relationship…



The pony ride was definitely the highlight of the day for them. They were so thrilled! I am so thankful that my kids are no fearful of animals, and that they genuinely love them. I was so proud of both of them for going on and not wanting us to stay next to the horse with them. They impress me everyday. I have to admit though, seeing them grow up so fast is hard sometimes, and I cried when Autumn went off with the lady guiding her pony and didn’t want us to come Sad smile.


Not scared at all as the train drove off….where is my little baby who always needed me??!!


Of course they just wanted to eat every apple they picked…


I tried all day (and failed miserably) to get a picture of the three of them…this was the best I could do! Note that in each one at least one of them is looking the wrong way…


We had such a fantastic day! And we left with a ton of yummy apples to make some applesauce today.

I am so thrilled with the friendships that are blossoming between my girls as they continue to get older. That is not to say they didn’t fight the whole day (they did – over apples, even though we were in an ENTIRE ORCHARD), but they get along so well most of the time and they all love to be around each other. If I mess up everything as a mom, I hope that the one thing that I succeed at is encouraging them to be friends as well as sisters. I look forward to seeing them as best friends when they are older!

If you are looking for a fun family adventure in the area, Brown’s Berry Patch was a lot of fun, and the prices are pretty reasonable for all the things there are for the kids to do. You can visit their website for the address and times :

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