This one is a little hard to write…

Today when I pulled into my driveway I began to cry because I knew that it was one of the last times that I would be bringing the girls home to the townhouse for the next year or so. There are some big changes happening in the Morris household, and I will try my best to explain it all here…

Since just adding another baby to the family in a few weeks didn’t sound exciting or adventurous enough to us, we decided to make a major change in our living situation BEFORE the baby comes. In fact, we decided to move in the next few days….but with good reason. In order to explain it all to you, I have to back track and get a little bit personal, so bear with me.

Like most every 20 something, Matt and I both have student loan debt. Not enough to put us into a complete financial hardship, but enough that we will be in debt for a very long time.

Not like most every 20 something, we are about to have our 4th child. When you put the two together it can equal some serious financial strain.

Matt and I are also committed right now to me staying home with the kids, raising them at home and trying to build a home based writing business so that I can stay home with them for the long term. Matt works a tough job, with very long hours. It pays all of our bills and affords us some amazing things, and we are so grateful for this job because it has financially allowed us to keep me at home with the girls, take care of our family and pay down our debt. But it is allowing us to do it very, very, very, slowly. And our family is growing very, very, very quickly. We are outgrowing our home faster than we can save up for a bigger one. At the rate we are going financially, it could be 5 to 7 years before we have paid off enough debt for us to be able to qualify for (and afford) a mortgage that will give us the house that our children can grow into.

So Matt and I began praying (as we normally do) about what to do to increase our finances. I took a course online to learn how to properly build a copywriting business from home, but with the baby coming those plans have been put on hold for the next couple of months. Matt has been looking into 2nd jobs (guess how many exist that won’t take him away from his family nearly all the time….bet you can’t come up with any! We haven’t Sad smile), as well as applying for some different jobs in order to see what our options would be. So far, nothing has been coming in that is in our favor. So about 2 months ago we decided to just settle in to the idea that we would be here for awhile. We moved some rooms around, painted again and really settled in. And for the last few months, we have loved our little home more than ever…

And then a few days ago, my sister (who I am so proud of and a tiny bit envious of Smile) decided that she was going to spend the next year teaching English over in Beijing. I was shocked to hear she wouldn’t even be coming home from her vacation there, but I was so excited for her and the adventure she was about to embark on. A few days later, in an email to my dad, I jokingly said “Bob must be in his glory finally having the whole house to himself…”. What transpired from that was an offer Matt and I couldn’t refuse…

What transpired was the answer to our prayer that we had been searching for:

The opportunity to live in the house my dad owns, while simultaneously renting out our townhouse. It would increase our income far more than Matt getting a second job, and allow us to pay off in 12 months (as long as we stick to our very rigid payment plan) what would have paid off in nearly 5 years staying here. It’s a financial opportunity that we knew would probably not come again, and that we desperately needed to jump on. And it came only 3 days ago…

And so tonight I sit packing up our little home that we have created over the last 2 years, knowing that in only a few nights time my whole family will be sleeping somewhere else. And while I am excited for this opportunity for us financially, it is bittersweet, because in the last few months I have really grown to feel as though this really was our “home”. Being pregnant doesn’t make it any easier, and I cried today when I saw the girls playing with their blocks together on the living room floor…and when I put some of their clothes in the car…and after I attempted to put them to bed (they are not asleep as they are filled with excitement over all of the changes). But I know without a doubt that this is the right decision for our family right now, and there is always a peace that comes with making the decision that you know that keeps you on the path that God wants you to be on.

If you are close to our family and are reading this I am sure that you have a thousand thoughts or questions….

I do to, so I probably don’t have the answer to them, but feel free to contact me directly if you want to know anymore about the specifics of our move/situation.

I appreciate everyone’s prayers as we settle in and find a tenant. In order for this situation to really work as well as we want, we need to get someone in here by December 1st (which is why are moving so quickly, the sooner someone signs a contract the better!!).

If you see me in the next few days and I seem a little frazzled…then you know why.

I apologize in advance if anyone is offended by us not contacting them directly to let them know what is going on, but with how fast its all moving, this was my best chance at letting everyone know BEFORE we actually move that we are moving…

3 thoughts on “This one is a little hard to write…

  1. Meaghan,

    This is definitely an opportunity you can not pass up! God helps us in mysterious ways and when the time is right. I know you are very thankful for your dad to give you this opportunity! Best part is……….we will see you and the girls so much more! Can’t wait to be able to spend some time getting to know them better! Only question I have is what are you doing with Gabbi and school? She is so outgoing I’m sure she will adjust no matter what!


    • She is changing schools. It another reason why we are moving so fast. The kids are all still adjusting to 2nd grade right now, so the sooner we get her in the better. Then she can dive right into all the school activities that seem to pick up in October with her new classmates. We are keeping her in her same girl scout troop though, so she will still have her core group of friends.


  2. Honey… As I told you, this will work out… And being so much closer will allow me to help you all more… Love you honey… Home is wherever you are!!!


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