Moving Update

Phew….it has been a CRAZY week in the Morris household. We are already out of our little home and settling back into the house on Crestwood. It’s a little weird because it *sort of* feels like home since we have lived here before, but it also feels a little different. Everything happened faster than we planned and so I think that we will feel like this is really our home in a few weeks.

And speaking of fast, we seriously moved all of our necessities (bedrooms, food etc.) in by Tuesday night and we were sleeping here by then. Gabbi’s new school called Tuesday and said that they could do placement testing Wednesday and have her start Thursday so we worked out butts off to get her in and settled before starting at her new school.

Wednesday morning, after one of my very best friends came over and saved the day with iced coffee (who seriously forgets to move the coffee…we did and it was an awful start to the first morning…), the girls went outside and spent their first official day at the new house raking leaves and jumping in them. They had a blast and you would have never known that we literally just moved back, they have just been handling it so well! I took the opportunity to get outside and snap some pictures of them playing…


Kids are just so super resilient, and I am so thankful the Lord has blessed us with kids who are just so happy all the time. I hope that they are always like this…that as long as they are together they are fine, happy and well adjusted, regardless of where we live or any circumstances…

I won’t lie and pretend like they have been completely perfect…bedtime has been a bit of a hassle, and Autumn has woken up at 530, excited and ready to go, every morning so far. But we are slowly getting back into a new routine, and I don’t see any major issues creeping up….

Gabbi started her new school and LOVED it…apparently the kids all swarmed around her when she arrived, and everyone wants to be her friend. She even came home today with a note from a new friend saying how much she likes her and is glad she came. I didn’t think she would have any trouble making friends, but she was a bit nervous before school actually started. The school was so helpful in making sure she didn’t miss a beat, and I don’t think she will feel like the new kid for very long…


Tomorrow we go to get more of the less essential, but still much needed things. We have already had people inquire about renting our townhouse (more than 1 family actually), but we are VERY hopeful that it works out with one family in particular because we know our home would be in good hands Smile. Having people ask to rent it right away was just another reassurance that we are making the right choice, and I am so thankful that the Lord continues to bless us throughout this process.


More updates and pictures to come soon….

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