Money and Kids….

Okay, so just to give you a heads up, this post is going to be short and won’t contain any pictures. This weekend has been so hectic that I don’t even have any new pictures of the girls to share with you guys! But I promise that there will be a lot more posts with family updates and pictures of the girls soon Smile…. I am planning to try and do my first mini photo shoot with them to test out some new things that I have been learning on my camera!!


I contemplated not even writing this tonight, because honestly, I am also exhausted. This 3rd trimester is really kicking my butt in the energy department. Our house is ABSOLUTE CHAOS from dinner until bedtime and I always put the kids to bed nearly falling asleep myself lately.

But, I thought that this was important. You see, until recently I have never put that much thought into teaching the girls about money. But money has been one of the most frequent topics in our house the last few days as we are figuring out our financial plan for the next 12 months. It got me thinking about how and when to teach my girls about not just the value of money, but of saving it, earning it, using it wisely and all the other things that come along with just having any. I always kind of thought that we would just do the allowance route – you know earn, tithe, save and spend. But we have been doing that with our oldest for awhile and she just doesn’t really seem to GET it. She does her chores, asks for her money, tithes weekly, saves a little and then immediately blows the rest on something she doesn’t even want just for the sake of spending “her money”. I feel like we are wasting our money sometimes on a lesson she isn’t even really learning….

The problem is she doesn’t value her time, or the work she does, enough to value the money she earns. She also doesn’t really understand the concept of saving for something she really wants/needs. Sometimes she doesn’t even know what she wants, but just buys something because she already planned on spending her money that day. Other times, she knows what she is going to get and has spent her money (in her mind) long before she even has it. She barely makes it through the week without asking if she has anymore coming to her….

I think a lot of it has been my approach to the topic, or lack of one….because there are days when I feel like I am still learning about respecting our finances and being good stewards of the resources the Lord has blessed us with. I am A LOT better now than before I was married, and I definitely respect my husband enough to value his hard work and not completely wreck our budget over things I “need”, but I could still learn A LOT more about saving/investing and everything…

My point is that I want my girls to grow up understanding that while their finances are not the most important thing in their life, they are a HUGE aspect of life, just because they have to be. I want them to learn to respect themselves and value their own hard work enough not to put themselves into bad financial situations before they even realize what they have done. Education, poor spending choices and a lack of planning have landed a lot of young adults I know into debt long before they even knew what it meant to be in debt. Some weeks it is really stressful knowing that a paycheck is coming in but that most of it is already spent on decisions that were made YEARS ago.

Anyways, rant aside, I was writing this post to share with all you parents out there a little resource I stumbled upon tonight while researching this very topic. Its called Money as You Grow and it has a whole list of different “money milestones” to teach your children, along with age appropriate activities to do to teach them about money in a healthy way. While I wish that it was more biblically based, I think that the values and activities are pretty decent, especially for those of us who are lost in what direction we should go in when teaching our children about finances. I am definitely planning to use some of these suggestions, combined with some biblical financial principals to hopefully encourage all of my girls to always have a healthy relationship with their finances.

Because lets face it – dealing with finances is stressful, and learning how to deal with finances as an adult is even more stressful. Its not really something you want to “learn as you go…”, so I am hoping this is one more skill the Lord will help us to equip our girls with BEFORE they really need to use it Smile.


Any suggestions from all of you parents who have been there, or found something else that has worked would be greatly appreciated!!

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