Our Second Fall Adventure

In the midst of moving, and getting ready for Emerson’s arrival next month, we have been trying to squeeze in all of our normal fall activities as well. A few weeks ago we went and picked apples at Brown’s Berry Patch, which was so much fun! But yesterday we had our annual fall trip that I tend to look forward to the most, our trip to Cobblecreek Farm!

4 Reasons why Cobblecreek Farm is my favorite:

1. The activities are great for kids of all ages, from the corn maze (which we skipped this year), to the barrel train ride and the corn pit, all 3 girls had a ton of fun and there were things that they could participate in together.

2. I have never, ever been there when it is super crowded. Its so much more relaxing of a time than some of the bigger farms, because the girls have never had to wait in line long for anything, and they don’t put time limits on play. You can actually sit and just enjoy the time being outside with your family and take your time at each different activity. I don’t feel as anxious there because my kid isn’t going to get lost in some large group of people….

3. There are a lot of places to take great pictures! They really have it set up knowing that most families are going to come and take fall pictures, and they have some of the most unique little stations. Unfortunately, we didn’t take a ton of pictures at each spot this year, simply because my kids were going in different directions.

4. They have one of longest and nicest hayrides to go pick pumpkins. Though the girls did get a little bored during it, I enjoyed it!

I have gone every year since Gabbi was 2, and it has been so much fun watching the littler ones really enjoy their experience as well.  I took the opportunity yesterday to try to snap a bunch of fun fall pics of the girls, and as I promised plenty of pictures this season, this post is going to be full of them!! Here is a little breakdown of our day:


We stopped to take some pics with the different pumpkin people….


And we stopped to put the girls in the cauldron…this year Grandma “Mimi” Lynda was the witch!!


They ran around the teepee…


And had fun looking at all the pumpkins out front!!



We played with the pumpkin babies, my girls LOVE babies!!


The corn pit is always a big hit!


And so are the hay bales you can climb on!


I couldn’t fit in the barrel train this year, so Matt had to take Scarlet! It was her first train ride!!


They always give out free cider and donuts too!


Waiting for the hayride to take off…

And then of course, their favorite part was picking pumpkins!!


And even though yesterday had started off as a cold and rainy day, the weather turned out to be perfect and the fields weren’t muddy at all!! We did trade in a few of our pumpkins for the better ones up front, but they each ended up with a pumpkin their size, which they are anxious to decorate!

Gosh, I love this season so much. I am so thankful that all the craziness hasn’t taken away from all of the fun things that we had planned this month!!

And, last night as I was going through these pictures, I remembered one of my favorite pictures from Gabbi’s first trip there and I pulled it up…


I can’t believe how fast our kids grow up…I am so grateful that I am able to make all of these wonderful memories with them!!

Stay tuned for our upcoming fall adventures including:

-Pumpkin Decorating/Carving (we are experimenting with glow in the dark paint this year for the toddlers!!)

-Trick or Treating at Genesee Country Museum

and of course..


What is your favorite thing to do this month?

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