Emerson Update

All this crazy moving, and just living life has made this pregnancy just seem to FLY BY…I mean as of Sunday we only have 5 weeks left until our due date. When I was 5 weeks out from the other three, I had everything washed and put away, beds set up and was just sitting around waiting. This time…we still have so much to do! I have her clothes washed and put away, but that’s it! Her crib isn’t put together, her car seat needs to be washed, the car needs to be clean and her seat put back in the van! I don’t have her homecoming outfit picked out and I have not even thought about the hospital bag or a plan for the other three. I am totally unprepared!

And I have no time to prepare until after November 1st, because we found renters for our house and we need to get it ready for the beautiful family to move in in a few weeks. We just have so much going on, I have barely even had time to remember that I am pregnant…and its catching up to me a little, especially not sleeping enough.

The exhaustion in the third trimester is second to none, I am pretty sure Mamas at the end of pregnancy are more tired than those of us getting up in the middle of the night a 1000 times to feed babies (unless you have twins or triplets – then you win in the exhaustion department…). But seriously, I am the lightest sleeper normally, so sleep has been hard to come by between not being able to get comfortable, heartburn and my brain not being able to turn off at a decent time. Its like my brain decides that the time it wants to work the best is when the rest of my body wants to sleep – the two are totally not in sync.

And my morning sickness has returned, though much less than the first trimester and only truly in the morning, but it makes for a rough start to the day. They have me on some new meds this time around which seem to be helping a lot for the rest of the day, but before they kick in in the AM it totally stinks….

But, I can endure anything for 5 weeks – and last night for the first time I had an overwhelming desire to snuggle this little girl growing inside of me! I am just so excited to have her join us, and I can’t wait to see what she looks like and to learn all about her little personality. She still moves around a lot! Autumn finally really felt her  move and now she actually gets that there is a baby in my belly. She likes to go over and shake it around to “wake up the baby”, she is desperate to feel her kick again. I hope she is this excited when she is born, though in reality she will probably smack her with a toy or something….

And speaking of my belly…it has gotten quite large recently. I am so proud of myself for not gaining as much weight as an elephant this time around (seriously – I gained a ton during the last three, but I was determined to be healthier this time around…though I still eat chocolate daily!) – but the belly has become a whole entity of its own. I decided to snap a few pics, since I realized that I had not taken any this pregnancy since the beginning. These kind of pics always feel embarrassing at the time, but I know I will be thankful I posted them once she has arrived. So here are a few for your viewing pleasure…please don’t laugh (or laugh – but don’t tell me until she is out haha!)….


Look at that thing!


The one on the left is what I see when I look down…haha


Gabbi is working on a quilt to give to Emmy at the hospital, and I am so grateful for this project because it has given us a lot of quality time over the last week. I am looking forward to more nights staying up a little late together working on it. I will probably be sad when its done, but we have a date night planned together soon too.

Does any other mama of many experience the same guilt about adding another child to the family? Perhaps guilt isn’t the right word, but I feel this enormous pressure to make sure that the other three don’t feel slighted when the new baby arrives. I guess its probably just my anxiety over wondering if I can actually juggle 4 kids and still be the mom I want to be….

Anyways, enough worrying!!

I got to have a late ultrasound because they were a little concerned about my fluid levels! They are fine, and once I was assured everything was okay, I was so excited to get a late peek at Emerson! She looks so cute already, and I am sure these ultrasound images don’t even compare to how cute she will be in person! Here are the best ones that we got back Smile – sorry if they are a little hard to see…


You can already tell she has the chubbiest cheeks! And that little foot – it was sticking out so much in my side you could practically grab it!


These 4d ones are so cool – you can really see her little features! I just love her so much already!!

They did all of her measurements and they said that she is big for her gestation – about 6lbs already! Which I already knew because she has been pretty heavy to carry around. She is either going to be on time and huge, or they said the date might be off a little, so she might be a *little* early. I am not holding on to that too much though, because all my kids have been right on time and progressively getting bigger. I assume she will be here on time and probably 9lbs or a little bigger Smile….they said her tummy measurements were “very generous” and measuring at close to 38 weeks!! They may want to check her again to make sure she isn’t too big, which I wouldn’t mind because then we get to see her again!

They also said that her rather large head (which measured at right around 37 weeks…), is FULL of hair! They even showed it too us on the ultrasound and you could see it moving around. I can’t wait to see how much it really is and what color Smile…perhaps I will finally have a little girl that doesn’t get call a boy for the first 18 months of her life.

And…she is head down and right where she needs to be Smile…I am so thankful she is being so cooperative!

Its so strange to think that this might be the last time I am ever pregnant. Matt and I are in the middle of a stand off on whether or not to ever have any more, but we are both in agreement that this will be the last pregnancy for awhile. As much as I LOVE having babies, I didn’t LOVE being pregnant this time around, and we have had few complications. My body is definitely letting me know that it needs a serious break and I need to figure out how I function normally as a woman who is not pregnant haha!

If we get to have another ultrasound, I will do another post with those pics. And I will try to remember to take at least one more set of belly pics before this pregnancy is over. That being said, it will only be a few weeks before you can start looking for our birth story!!

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