The Last of Our October Adventures!

The kids are all in bed, Halloween is over for us and I can’t believe that tomorrow will be November already!! I can’t believe how quickly this favorite season of ours is flying by. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Emerson will be here before we know it!!

Which leads me to our very first adventure…an unexpected trip to the hospital for contractions/decreased fetal movement. I thought for sure Emerson was coming this past Sunday when contractions were 3-4 minutes apart and getting more uncomfortable. They stopped at the hospital after lying down hooked up to IVs for about 3.5 hours. I was both relieved that she wasn’t coming so early, but also disappointed because I have been diagnosed with prodromal labor and an irritable uterus. Which basically means that I will continue to have contractions frequently until she is born. I was upset for like a day or 2, because I can’t handle the anxiety of not being able to do anything but pretty much sit around and wait.

I had an appointment yesterday, and while I am still on some form of moderate bed rest, I was told that everything else is fine and that if I go into labor at this point they won’t stop it. The doctor also said that they don’t think I will make it all the way until my due date. I am still 3 weeks out, and I am sure we still have at least a week or more, but Emerson is giving us a run for our money already! I get to see her tomorrow at an ultrasound to check her size and fluid levels, and I can’t wait to see her chubby little cheeks on the screen again!

So the scare on Sunday required us to change our original plans from going trick or treating at Genesee Country Museum (which I was REALLY looking forward to!) to going on a very short, but still fun, trip to the Garden Factory for some fall family fun (and lots of sitting down…)

The girls still had just as much fun I think, so we really enjoyed ourselves. We ate lunch, got to pet some cute animals, painted pumpkins and everyone else went on a few rides! My mom came with us, and anytime Nana is there, it seems to be that much more fun as well! The girls wore their costumes and looked so cute as the sisters from Little House on the Prairie. Here is a little peak at the afternoon we had…



On Monday night we stayed home to work on our pumpkins. I have a confession – as much as I love fall, I really dislike carving pumpkins. I know that I will enjoy it more when the kids get older and can do their own, but I was just not in the mood to carve everyone’s pumpkins. So instead, we only carved one big pumpkin. Gabbi and Autumn helped clean it out, Gabbi designed it and Matt did most of the work. I spent the time helping the little girls paint their pumpkins, taking pictures and roasting the pumpkin seeds (which came out SO GOOD!!).


And the end result…



I loved the idea of a “Love” pumpkin, and I think that it came out great!

Then today was Halloween! We don’t make a huge deal out of trick or treating or Halloween itself, but we do let the girls dress up and celebrate as a fun, family evening. Gabbi doesn’t genuinely enjoy trick or treating, and the 2 younger ones are so little that we didn’t go out for very long. Gabbi’s sister Leah came over too and all 4 girls got to trick or treat together, and they did have fun for the 35 minutes that they were out there. I can’t say that I was disappointed that they wanted to come back so soon, because I probably shouldn’t have even gone with them. But, I try to never miss out on anything and I couldn’t imagine missing out on Autumn and Scarlet’s first real trick or treating experience! They were excited about the candy, and kept up with the bigger girls pretty well!! I did my best to get pictures, but it wasn’t that easy with them just running away…


Scarlet did such a good job saying “Trick or Treat!” and they all remembered to say “Thank you!”, so I was pleased. However, not letting them eat all of their candy proved to be a much tougher task than I imagined it would be….Scarlet was still up in her bed at 815 yelling because she couldn’t fall asleep Sad smile….

Overall, we have had the best fall so far! Despite all of the hectic, crazy things that we have had going on, we managed to squeeze in quite a few fun activities. I love creating memories with my growing family all the time, but especially this time of the year! I can’t wait to add Emerson to the mix next October Smile….

Hope you all had a wonderful night! Here are so more pics of my cute kids in their costumes….


Look at these faces!!



Gosh, I just love them so much!!

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