Another Emerson Update

I know that I posted a little bit on my face book page about what has been going on in the pregnancy department, but I figured that I would give everyone a full update on what has been going on…

2 weeks ago I woke up with contractions 3-4 minutes apart and very little movement from Emerson. We went to the hospital and they were able to get the contractions to slow to about every 10 minutes or more, and I didn’t progress past 1cm after about 3 hours. So we were able to go home on moderate bed rest, which I tried to follow as best as possible – but lets be honest, when you have 3 kids, bed rest is kind of a joke. I stayed home more than usual and rested while the girls napped, but that was about all I could do.

We were then sent in for another ultrasound to measure her growth and get a little peak at her. She was pretty uncooperative for any good pictures, but they think she is measuring in at about 7.5lbs as of last Friday. She is on track to be about 9lbs if she waits it out, but that’s not really a shock to us since the two youngest were almost 9lbs themselves. The most shocking thing we found out is that I most likely have developed gestational diabetes in the last few weeks, and so I have to be a little bit careful about what I eat. I have not been eating that much sugar anyways, since it makes my heartburn worse, but it does explain away some of the swelling and sheer exhaustion I have had that I just didn’t seem to experience in my other pregnancies.

Due to the gestational diabetes, I have to go in once a week to have her heart rate and movement monitored in a non-stress test. I don’t mind though, because it gives me an excuse to find someone to watch the other two and at the last appointment I actually fell asleep listening to the changes in her heart rate. There are few sounds in the world sweeter than hearing the heart beat of the one growing inside of you…so if I have to “endure” 1 or 2 more of these appointments, I think I can handle it Smile.

As far as her making her actual appearance, despite having 2 different doctors say that they don’t think I will make it to the end, Emerson seems to have other plans. She has found a position she seems rather comfortable growing in, and while I am still contracting daily, they have definitely slowed down a lot. I personally don’t think that she is going to be here much earlier than her due date on the 25th, if at all. None the less, we spent the last 2 weeks packing the hospital bag, getting gifts for the girls from their newest sister, making arrangements for the other kids and preparing food for the freezer just in case. I know that I am “nesting”, but it doesn’t feel as anxiety ridden as it has in the past. Mentally, I am starting to really feel like I can handle a 4th little girl, which is a relief because there was awhile there where I was genuinely scared and doubting my ability as a mom to add another baby to our rapidly growing clan.

So all in all, life is good in the Morris home. We are taking time to enjoy the 3 we have at home now, along with trying to schedule in a last minute date night get away (which I am REALLY looking forward to). We are slowing down some and soaking in the quiet moments before life turns hectic again. We are pretty much settled into our new home, our lovely tenants are making the town house theirs and we are just trying to live as stress free as possible the next few weeks.

I will try to do a few more posts in the next couple of weeks, but be checking back for our birth story and pictures of our newest little one soon!!

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