I can’t believe I have no update….

Well it looks as if my due date has come and gone, or at least has nearly gone as I sit here and write this. With no major action in the last few hours, I think its pretty safe to assume that today is not going to be Emerson’s birthday Sad smile…..

I don’t know that I am entirely mentally prepared for this, as all of the girls have come by their due date, so I have never truly played the waiting game. I feel almost like I am unsure what to do. I know at this point she can come at anytime, but the thought of just sitting around and waiting for labor to begin is not exciting to me at all. In fact, it is having the complete opposite affect – my anxiety is through the roof and while I wouldn’t categorize my feelings as “depressed”, I am definitely not feeling the best that I have ever felt. With thanksgiving coming up, and Matt being scheduled to have off of work a couple days this week and all of next week, the timing of her coming over this weekend felt absolutely perfect….

And we did have a fantastic weekend overall. Yesterday, Matt and I took the girls to Strong’s National Museum of Play and we had an awesome time. I felt great, was able to keep up with the girls and they had an absolute blast. We went as soon as it opened to beat the Saturday crowd, and it proved to be a good plan. The girls really got to enjoy all of the exhibits before the intense rush of people. We packed a picnic lunch, played together for almost 3 hours, ate together in the cafeteria and made it home just a little bit after our normal nap time. Of course, I had to bring our camera to capture what we were sure would be our last family outing as a family of 5 – so here are some of the better ones Smile:


I took more pictures than I thought…

While the girls napped after the museum, I went out to the grocery store to pick up some things for the week and to get some stuff to have a little “last night before Emerson is due” celebration. Matt made chili cheese fries, and we had sparkling cider and ice cream sundaes! The girls all prayed for Emerson to come out soon and even took turns talking to my belly. Honestly, the only thing that could have made Saturday even better was if I HAD gone into labor that night….

But I didn’t, and Scarlet woke up with a nasty cold so we all stayed home the whole day today. We watched movies, ate snacks and played in our pajamas. Matt took the Gabbi and Autumn out to play in the snow a bit and we drank some hot chocolate, but still no baby action…

So now here I sit, watching another movie with Autumn and Gabbi and I feel like I am just waiting for something, anything to happen. I am driving myself crazy and I am pretty sure I am driving everyone else nuts too, since I am happy and fine one minute and nearly in tears the next. Navigating the next few days will be a little rough if this little girl proves to be even more stubborn and keep us all waiting on her. Perhaps she just wants to make sure that we understand that she is her own person and is going to do things her own way despite being the 4th child. Or perhaps for once my due date was off and we really have no idea when she is coming, or worse she will just never come out and I am doomed to be pregnant forever. I know that the last notion is coming simply from an over abundance of irrational hormones, but it still worries me all the same.

While I would like to promise that my next post will be our wonderful and miraculous birth story, I can’t…because I am sure that I will need to vent again about how INCREDIBLY LONG this child is taking should she not decide to make her entrance within the next 24 hours.

The end of pregnancy is so awful emotionally isn’t it? Or maybe is just is for me because my controlling nature has an extremely hard time handling not knowing exactly when she will come. I’m sure I could handle it all much more gracefully if I knew what day she would be here….

Any one have any fun suggestions of what they did to make the last days of their pregnancy go by faster? Or at least more enjoyably?

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