Trim Healthy Mama!!

Most of my readers who have been following along for awhile know that I LOVE to post about food and healthy living and so I am so excited to share with everyone a new book that I recently finished reading! Its called Trim Healthy Mama and is the first book that I have ever read that combines scripture with healthy living in such an easy way.

I first came across this book when my aunt introduced it to me during my last pregnancy. I joined the Facebook group and began to research some recipes online. I was still leaning towards going back to my vegan diet post pregnancy, but the testimonies of women losing weight and finding their best health finally convinced me to go ahead and purchase the book.

After Emerson’s birth, I began one of the most difficult battles of my life with postpartum anxiety, depression and OCD. The LAST thing on my mind was losing weight, but when a doctor suggested to me that I might have a thyroid issue AND that I needed to balance my blood sugar, I remembered the book and began to dive into it. Everything I read I loved, especially the chapter about hormonal imbalances and supplements. I began a vitamin/supplement regimen and began to implement the different meal types slowly. I didn’t have any real weight loss – but I also wasn’t being strict with myself. I did however notice that my anxiety and depression seemed to be more easily controlled as I paid attention to not spiking my blood sugar.

Then this same doctor also recommended that I go onto an anti-candida diet due to having been on antibiotics for an extended period of time. During the first week, I shelved the whole idea of THM and noticed that I was more tired, and that my anxiety was actually increasing some.

So that brings me to this week….

I am going full speed ahead with THM and I am so excited! I truly believe that God has brought me to this way of eating as it fits everything that I need for myself and my family LOVES it. My husband has tried every recipe that I have made and has no complaints (except for skinny chocolate – he still prefers the real thing). I am combining some of the principals of the anti candida diet in with THM principals in an effort to bring myself to optimal health. This means that I am staying away from dairy 80% of the time, taking some additional anti – fungals and completely staying away from sugar (and sugar alcohols for the meantime). Liquid stevia has been a LIFESAVER!

I also have to mention the wonderful community of women online who are following this plan. I have NEVER found so much encouragement from strangers in my life. This group of Christian women is always there to provide support, answer questions and lift each other up in prayer despite not actually knowing each other. It is such an amazing addition to an already awesome plan!

And from this community of women, I have seen a lot of other newbies posting about being discourage about the numbers on the scale. What I have come to learn is that we all have come from a place where we have not always treated our bodies in the best way. Some of us have come from near starvation, calorie restricted plans. Others have come from low protein, vegetable based diets. And still others of us have come from a completely carb free lifestyle. Or we have consumed WAY too much sugar and it has caused a whole host of health problems that we are still unaware of. Wherever we have come from, we need to give ourselves some patience and allow our bodies to heal from what we have put them through. While weight loss is something that we are all striving for, being our best selves is what our ultimate goal should be. So I have decided that for my very first month on THM that I will NOT be stepping on the scale. I have found my starting point (173 lbs) and I will put the scale away and focus on all of the other ways my body is benefiting from THM – less fatigue, increased mood, less bloating or digestive pain, freedom in food choices, improved mental functioning and whatever else the Lord decides to bless me with. At the end of this month long journey (April 18th), I will step on the scale and find out what my weight is. However, my hope is that no matter what the actual number is, I will still be proud of myself. The scale has always had a stronghold over me, where I sometimes would weigh myself numerous times a day. Its time to break the bondage. Isn’t that what we are all striving for anyways? A healthy relationship with food and our bodies, free from bondage and able to fully experience this life that God has called us to?

So I am issuing a challenge to anyone (newbie or not!) who would like to join me! Lets not weigh ourselves for one month. Lets focus on the other ways in which we are healthier! Lets break the bondage of the scale together.

We can share our recipes, encouraging stories of better health in other ways and just enjoy the freedom of not worrying as much. We pray for each other to stay accountable without knowing whether the scale is going up and down…

We could even do a weekly meal plan link up for all of those who like to plan their weeks worth of meals in advance 🙂

So what do you all think??

One thought on “Trim Healthy Mama!!

  1. I LOVE it!! I would LOVE to be a part of this! (especially after my last round of doctor’s appts…. 😛 ) Give me a call… I want to meet with you for coffee and share ideas! 🙂


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