Chore Chart DIY

I have a confession. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest pinning all sorts of things, but to date I think that I have only actually made one of them. I am not by nature a very crafty person. I have very little free time and I don’t have the patience left after chasing these girls around all day that long, drawn out, meticulous crafts require. I like Target, because, you know, its already done for you. Smile

That being said, I wish I was a craftier person and I know that at least learning how to do a few things will help with the bills in the long run. Four girls = more money than we have…

So I decided to try out one of the crafts that I had been wanting to do for a little while and got to work planning out magnetic chore charts for the girls. We have tried paper charts with stickers but the girls usually steal all the stickers and stick them on the wall, the floor, their bed and each other. Plus I wanted something that they could learn how to use, but that was easily changed as they got older. I also really liked the idea of the girls moving a tangible object from their to-do list to their done list.

So we purchased some baking sheets from Big Lots super cheap. I know you can use fancy pieces of metal that need to be cut and then sanded so they are not sharp – but I did just admit that I like things that are quick and easy. After purchasing them I had Matt drill holes in the top, because me + power tools = disaster. You should have seen the time I attempted to hang curtains from the ceiling, without dry wall screws (because I didn’t even really know what they were). Lets just say the end result involved some patching, perhaps a little painting and then Matt drilling the holes that I should have let him just do in the first place. Lesson learned.

Anyways, here is the baking sheet with the holes:


Apparently, its easy.

Next, I got to work making the magnets. This was probably the most time consuming and least fun part. I decided to use pictures for Autumn and Scarlet’s tasks, and words for Gabbi’s.  The glass beads that I used were from Micheals. I found them in the section where the vases are. I also purchased the magnets from there. (Tip: ask for help finding the magnets. They are NOT where you would think they are and took me about 30 min to find. I would tell you where I found them, but I don’t even remember.)

I printed the pictures and words right from Microsoft word, but you could probably make them fancy with photoshop or something. You actually have to print them pretty small to get them to fit onto the beads. It took 3 tries before I had them small enough.


Then I just placed the glass beads over them, traced them, cut them out and glued them on the back of the beads. The glass beads make the images much bigger than they appear on the paper.


After they dried, I glued little magnets on the back of all of them.


Then came the fun part, which was decorating the charts while the magnets finished drying. I purchased some ribbon and some letter stickers and glued everything directly on the baking sheet.


Then I threaded some thicker ribbon through the holes so I would be able to hang them. I let everything dry overnight and then hung them the next morning.


I was pretty pleased with how they turned out considering that I never make stuff like this.


We hung them under them window, right about our kitchen bench so the girls could reach them themselves.

Autumn and Gabbi got it right away. Most of the magnets are things we already require them to do each day, but now they are responsible for making sure they complete each task without being asked or reminded 100 times.

For Autumn and Scarlet, the tasks we gave them are: get dressed, pick up your clothes, pick up your toys, eat dinner, feed Roxi, brush teeth, put on PJs and make their bed.

I decided to give Gabbi a few more, but they are not really all “chores”. Lately we have been having this issue where we have to remind her all day of what she is responsible for, so we included normal daily tasks in their too:

Get ready for school, devotions, take care of book bag/lunch box, help make dinner, set or clear table, help with dishes, clean bathroom (which most days is just picking up the hair brushes, hair things and PJs that are left in their from the am. She does actually clean it once a week though.), pick up toys and clothes, read for 20 minutes and homework. The majority of her jobs take only 5 minutes or so, but now she isn’t allowed to watch TV at night unless all of her magnets are on the done side. Making her solely responsible for one room in the house – the bathroom – also makes her feel like a more important member of our team. I have stopped cleaning the bathroom altogether, unless her sisters make some massive mess while she is at school.

So there you have it, my first completed craft that didn’t only involve coloring Smile.

Now…look at these hams…


They can go from this…to this….


to this….


In the span of 10 minutes. At least they keep my days interesting Smile

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