Could spring actually be arriving here in Rochester? I mean its only April already…

I feel like we have been stuck in this black hole of gloomy days, frigid temps and incredible amounts of snow for WAY TOO LONG. But, finally, it seems to be turning the corner.

My kids have been a special kind of crazy this week. Think skipping naps, not going to bed, making gigantic messes, copping little attitudes and FIGHTING LIKE CRAZY. Its this ridiculous cabin fever and yesterday I couldn’t take it a second longer. My kids were standing on their chairs and the table, making a giant mess with their lunch and Autumn was even naked…and dancing…in cowboy boots…with her bagel. I told them to hurry up and get dressed because I was taking them to one of my favorite parks as a kid – The Holy Ghost Playground. Of course they all screamed when I said ghost but I assured them they would have fun. We got there and had the whole playground to ourselves and they ran and let all of their craziness out. We stayed for over an hour and it was the most relaxed I had been all day. I was even able to capture some pretty good pictures of our first official trip to the park as a family of 6!!

IMG_5044 IMG_5045 IMG_5050 IMG_5051 IMG_5057 IMG_5064 IMG_5072 IMG_5076 IMG_5088 IMG_5094 IMG_5098 IMG_5104 IMG_5108 IMG_5115 IMG_5117 IMG_5119I am so excited for the next few months!!

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