A little bit of blog catch up…

Its no secret that as a family we have been SUPER busy for the past month or so. I feel like I have so many things to share that this post could literally take you hours to read. I will spare you all from sitting at your computer reading a rambling post about every little detail of the last few weeks, but I will give you all some highlights, along with some really cute pictures of the girls.

May is always a fun month around our house because Gabbi and Autumn have their birthdays just 5 days apart from each other. Between our schedules, school, grandparents and family activities we seem to end up celebrating their birthdays for the whole month so that everyone can get in on the action!

bday party 086bday party 090

On Gabbi’s actual birthday we had a pretty “grown up” cake delivered that she picked out. She was so excited to have a cake that wasn’t decorated with the latest popular character. We had a few family members over after dinner and we all sang to her and at cake. All kids love a little time devoted just to them, and even though we ended early because it was a school night it was still a lot of fun.

bday party 095bday party 099

That same week Autumn’s birthday was Friday. Autumn is OBSESSED with Frozen and my cousin’s amazingly talented wife made this gorgeous cake for her!! She was SO EXCITED. The kids loved eating the ice crystals and this cake was so yummy. Autumn, unlike Gabbi, doesn’t love all of the attention that her birthday brings, and she ended up curling up on the couch and falling asleep while everyone was celebrating. Still, she loved the cake!

bday party 103bday party 106bday party 107bday party 108bday party 109bday party 112bday party 116bday party 117bday party 118

For their joint party, the girls (Gabbi and Autumn, Scarlet just goes along with them still…) requested a pink fancy party. I was not sure what that meant, but we bought a bunch of tulle, made a table skirt and some other decorations with it. It ended up turning out really nice. The only other request Autumn made was to be able to eat everything at the party. So all the snacks and desserts were gluten free. We ordered the desserts from Scratch Bakeshop in order to save some time (except for the pink chocolate covered strawberries and marshmallows which my incredibly sweet husband made for them!!). The girls had so much fun and were spoiled with gifts! It was the perfect day!!

bday party 155bday party 159bday party 237

bday party 186bday party 226

We spent some time enjoying the finally warm weather! My girls are so excited for summer and Emerson is growing so fast I can’t handle it.


The weekend after the party was my moms wedding, which I have NO PICTURES of my own of, but was gorgeous. As soon as I get some pics I will post about that major family change!!

Then we had a weekend where we had a garage sale and the girls ran this incredibly cute lemonade stand. Gabbi and her best friend Marie made a little over $15 in about an hour. Once they had their money, they gave up and Autumn and Scarlet took it over!!


Father’s Day was spent exactly how Matt wanted it. Sleeping in, a trip to the sporting goods store, naps and a cookout on the beach at his mom’s.

Literally every weekend has been jam packed for weeks! And currently we are on vacation with the whole extended family. I am so looking forward to long, lazy days of summer coming up (especially a kid free getaway!!) – though we always tend to be busy no matter how hard we try not to.

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