Intentional Homemaking: Cleaning Schedule

Have I ever mentioned that I truly dislike cleaning? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a clean house, I am just not the biggest fan of the work it takes. I used to be REALLY bad about it. Our dirty laundry pile would be so high that sometimes I just wanted to give it all away and buy everyone new clothes. I didn’t, but there have been times when the girls have outgrown something in the time it has taken to make it through the entire laundry cycle…

And then there are the dishes. Why, oh why are there so many dishes?? I mean there have been days when I have had to wash….

But it was usually because I spent the two previous days just rinsing them and letting them pile up in the sink. I am not always the most motivated person when it comes to cleaning, and I fantasize about the days when the girls are old enough to take over a majority of these things probably more often than I should…

In the meantime, the majority of the cleaning is left to me and I have had to figure out a way to help it along without making me feel like Cinderella all day long. I always thought cleaning schedules were for people who were either A. really strange or B.had OCD. Well, jokes on me because now I have postpartum OCD….

So I have a list of daily chores that need to be done in order to keep our house running smoothly. It is truly amazing how much longer these chores seem to take with each additional child….

I try to split the daily tasks up into a morning routine and an evening routine.


Morning Routine: Evening Routine:
Move clothes to the dryer Put new load in the washer
Empty dishwasher Load/Run dishwasher
Make beds/Tidy Rooms Clean remaining dishes
Put away laundry from dryer Quick Vac Kitchen
Vacuum living room/playroom wipe down table/counters
  clean highchair
  Pick up Bathroom

I don’t always do them in this particular order, and I definitely don’t do them all at once. I try to get the dishes going right after dinner so there is less to do after the kids go to bed. The rest of the things probably take me 30 minutes to complete in the evening. Morning dishes are put away while I am making breakfast and the rest I just fit in throughout the morning when there is time. I do TRY to get the morning things done before we leave the house for anything because then I don’t feel as overwhelmed when we get home, but honestly, that doesn’t always happen.

The rest of the major things are split up throughout the week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Grocery Shopping Change Sheets Wash Towels Clean Garbage from Van Clean Out Refrigerator Dust Where Needed Create Meal Plan and Grocery List
Food Preparation Wash Bedding Clean Tubs, Showers, Toilets Vacuum Hallway Clean Kitchen Floors Vacuum Girls Bedrooms  
Straighten Kitchen Cabinets Clean Under Beds Clean Bathroom mirrors        

With the exception of Monday, which takes longer because of grocery shopping, these things take me at most an hour, freeing up the rest of the day for other projects, activities or just playing with the girls. I have just recently created this cleaning schedule, and have only stuck to it for a little over a week, but already my life feels a little easier and Matt is much happier when the house appears clean. Disorder breeds chaos and we honestly have enough of that around here already.

I am trying to make a schedule for larger monthly chores (like wiping down walls, vacuuming underneath all of the large furniture, the things that I REALLY hate doing…) but currently I am just squeezing them in if I have extra time in the day and I am already cleaning in a room that needs one of those monthly chores done. I am shooting for improvement not perfection Smile.


Okay – so I HAVE to know…

What is your least favorite chore and what do you do to get yourself motivated to accomplish it???

2 thoughts on “Intentional Homemaking: Cleaning Schedule

  1. Ugh… definitely laundry. What motivates me to do it? Lack of clean clothes. Perhaps if I did it twice a week and kept on top of it, I would hate it less. However, then it just seems like I’m doing clothes forever. One day I’ll love doing it :). Or, at least find a way to enjoy doing it while doing something else (listening to a podcast, watching a video, something!). Great list!


    • A podcast sounds like a great idea! I have been trying to get into the habit of listening to some different teachings while doing my evening routine and I have found that it really helps me to not feel so annoyed with the mess
      ! Joyce Meyers has some pretty good ones that are all different lengths, but I’m looking around for some others to listen to.


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