Twas’ the night before the first day of school….

and all the through the house, not a creature was stirring…

except for mom who was blubbering alone at the kitchen table per usual.

Why, oh why do our kids have to grow up? Some days I just wish that they could stay little and snuggle me forever.

But, that is not the way we were made, and Thursday of last week Gabbi began 3rd grade, and started at a brand new school.

Another new thing for us this year is that, due to the distance the school is from our house, Gabbi is taking the bus both ways this year. She LOVES it and even has a friend from her class on her bus, which is actually amazing because there are only like 7 kids on her bus since it only picks up the students who attend private schools in Greece from our district. Knowing how much she enjoys it is making it easier on me, and she has even taken the initiative to use the bus ride home to work on her homework so she has more free time.

Anyways, as I have done every year, I wanted to make the morning a little more special than normal. We love celebrating all special occasions in this family, and the first day of school is no exception. When she entered 1st grade, I hung streamers from her door, and decorated the dining room like it was a party. For second grade, I decorated her chair with bows and served her favorite smoothie in a wine glass. Both years we ate breakfast as a family, since all of the girls got up so early.

But this year it was going to just be Gabbi and I, so I decorated the table a little bit fancier and served her some coffee and pancakes (per her request). We sat together and ate, read from her devotional and prayed together before getting her on the bus. It was a wonderful 1st day of school morning:


We also had time to pack her lunch together and she LOVED her new lunchbox!!


We took a few pictures inside…


She looks so cute in her uniform!!

Autumn and Scarlet woke up just in time to get her on the bus…


Surprisingly I didn’t cry when she left this year. I am crazy excited about the school she is attending and I couldn’t wait for her to start. But, it was extra quiet around the house until she got home. The first few days always feel like the longest of the school year!

How was your child’s first day of school??

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