Fall Family Update

Between not sleeping and our crazy schedule, finding time to upload a ridiculous amount of pictures was hard to come by. This morning I decided it was time to just sit down and upload them. So here you are…

Pictures of our various fall adventures up to this point!


All of the kids were too nervous to hold the parrot at The Garden Factory, but they all wanted Mommy and Daddy to do it.


Autumn didn’t want to do most of the activities (like face painting), but she would at least pose with the pumpkins. Gabbi snuck off to the face painting alone and picked the goriest thing they offered and pretty much walked around with that look on her face the rest of the day! Scarlet wanted to practice being a cat!


We had a fun fall party at Dave and Tiffany’s house in the beginning of the month. The girls had a blast and it was fun planning a bunch of little activities for them to do!


Scarlet and Autumn gave up in about 30 seconds because they so desperately wanted to eat the donut. The bigger girls took nearly 20 minutes before finally giving up!


The girls made these fun monster yogurt cups for a snack and the little girls went right to work painting their pumpkins. We ended up skipping about half of the things we had planned because they spent so much more time doing each activity than we anticipated! I’m looking forward to doing this again at Christmas time!


This year, on our annual Cobble Creek farm visit, we were joined by our cousins!! The girls loved getting to spend some quality time with Esther and Jack!!


3 generations of women ( and Jack!)


Picking pumpkins was a lot of fun this year too. Gabbi and Scarlet were determined to find HUGE ones, Emerson thought that climbing all over them was the coolest thing, and Autumn was determined to find the perfect one and went around inspecting each pumpkin she came across.


A surprise addition to our normal fall activities, Jamie Grace came out to Rochester to do a small concert at Bethel. Gabbi and I went with her closest friends for a truly awesome mother/daughter evening. We got to hear some incredible testimonies along with the awesome music, and the girls got to meet Jamie when it was over! George Dennehy opened up for her and if you have not had a chance to listen to this awesome man play his guitar and sing you should definitely look him up on YouTube.


Our last stop this October was a trip to Stokoe Farms. It turned out to be a gorgeous day and the girls really got to experience all of the different activities this year. Their favorite was the Billy Goat Mountain slide, but the zip line was a pretty big hit for the older kids despite the long line.


I just really cannot believe how fast these girls are growing!! I mean last year I felt like we were trick or treating with mostly babies and this year they were all going on the rides and each for to try out some newer big kid activities! We look forward to October every year, and this year did not disappoint! Make sure you check back this weekend to see pictures of our little girls transformed into Elsa, a cat and an angel!!

And also…


I cannot believe that this little treasure is going to be turning ONE in less than a month!

I will be recapping her first year coming up in a few weeks!

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