God Doesn’t Want to Drive A Parked Car

My sister was home visiting for a few days this past week, and she made this statement to me in the midst of a conversation we were having. At the time I thought it was cute, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how true it is!

It is true…

We CAN do ALL THINGS through Christ, but we really can’t do anything unless we are actively working towards our goals.

Sometimes as a mom it is so easy to get stuck in a rut. I am sure a lot of you out there are like me. I think a lot about the future, about where I want to be in a few years, about the callings and longings within my heart to serve the Lord. I know that I have gifts and abilities given to me, and while I know that I am in a place right now where God wants my husband and these 4 little girls to be on the receiving end of the best gifts He has given to me, it doesn’t mean that my goals, dreams and aspirations as a daughter of God get put on a shelf until the kids move out of the house. God is revealing all the time the different plans that He has for me, and revealing ways that I can work towards those plans even while in this season of life.

So I got thinking the last couple of days. How long am I going to let this car be parked? How many MORE years am I going to spend dreaming about the plans of our future instead of creating an action plan?

I know that New Year’s Resolutions have become a bit cliche. In fact, I have never been one to create a resolution. Truth: I have a hard time following through on vague goals and one word statements like “I am going to get healthy this year”, or “growing my blog will be a top priority”. As moms, it is so easy to put these vague goals that appear to only affect ourselves on the back burner when more immediate and pressing needs come up.

But want to know another truth? These goals really aren’t just for me (or you!), but the majority of my goals, when looked at deeply, will have great positive impacts on more than just myself. Being healthy is an amazing gift to my husband and girls, growing my blog into something that can financially support our family will provide us with a more flexible budget as well as funds to bless others, and making time to reconnect with my husband on a regular basis will ensure that my children always have the gift of a happy and united mom and dad!

So this morning I completed an exercise and I wanted to encourage all of you mamas (or even those of you who just need an extra nudge in the right direction!!) to complete it as well. Break out a piece of paper and a pen, grab a cup of coffee and try to steal some time alone in the next few days. Think about what you REALLY want out of this year…

Separate your paper into 5 different categories:

1. Spiritual

2. Family

3. Physical

4. Career

5. Financial

In each category write out your goals for this year. While some categories make sense to just list goals (I found for myself that family and spiritual goals were the easiest because I tend to know where I want to be in those areas), other categories lend themselves to a smaller breakdown and time frames. For the physical, career and financial goal categories try creating separate goals for the 3, 6, 9 and 12 month marks that are smaller and more attainable.

Take your time! Make your list look pretty and put it somewhere where you will see it often. Comment here with some of your goals, or share a picture of your list on social media using the hashtag #2015mybestyearyet !

You still have a few more days until the new year, so what do you want to accomplish in your best year?


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