Mama Meet Up!

Hey Mamas!!!

This is one is for you…..

I read an article not too long ago talking about isolation in mamahood…..

Truth: A lot of us feel alone a lot of the time!

This truth gets to me a lot. I have been blessed with some incredible friendships on my motherhood journey. And these friendships have turned into my lifeboats in times of stress. To think there are so many mamas out there who don’t have these relationships saddens me to my core.

Because we are intricately designed to NEED fellowship. Our souls crave the ability to connect with other mamas face to face, to share, laugh, cry, vent, seek advice and just to not feel ALONE.

So I am so proud to announce the start of a For Mamas Only group here in Rochester!

What is a For Mamas Only group???

Truthfully – its just a safe place to come together and meet up with other mamas in our area to talk and drink free coffee without kids. Its not a playgroup, or play date or a “Let’s try to talk while our kids run all over Bounce It Out and we never actually finish a sentence” meet up.

We can drink coffee, talk, share stories, struggles and hard ships, seek advice and just love on one another.

My hope??? That any mama who joins us will go home feeling refreshed and that this group becomes the catalyst for great mama friendships for a lot of you.

This first meeting will just be a chance to kind of hang out, talk, and get to know each other….

it might even involve some cheesy ice breakers…..

But going forward we are going to read through the book Desperate together and use this book to formulate some discussions on motherhood and parenting that I think a lot of us could benefit from. (Find out what happened after I dove into the first chapter here.)

From there……

who knows!! We can pick a new book together, or look into some other format.

I want this to look like what YOU want it to look like.

So please, please, please…

Join me…

Because I really want to hang out with you.

Mamas Only Group Ad

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