What’s on the Menu?

We have been getting serious about our health around here! I cut out sugar a month ago and feel so much better, Matt has been really paying attention to what he eats and we have been eliminating almost ALL processed foods from the kids diet.

We have dealt with digestive issues a lot in this house and I can tell you that it isn’t fun. I grew up having all sorts of things wrong with my stomach, but never REALLY knowing what was wrong. It seems as though the girls are unfortunately following in my footsteps, but I am determined to teach them young what foods make them feel good and which ones make them feel bad. Battling issues with food as an adult is HARD, so we are actively trying to set our kids up with good habits now and teach them to recognize the cues their bodies are giving them when it comes to different foods.

To say that is was overwhelming at first was an understatement. We have made major food adjustments in the past for health reasons, but this was a total over haul. Sugar is in everything and has been the hardest thing to control. And not having handy “snack” foods has resulted in a lot of “There is nothing to eat!!”

So I decided I really needed to get more specific with our menu planning and meal board. If you follow me on Facebook, you probably saw me post this:

fridge fail

I was so excited about it and jumped the gun on posting it!! It turned out that my magnets were too weak. Weak magnets combined with the fact that it was hanging on the fridge resulted in it falling and shattering into a million pieces less than 24 hours after posting the directions for making it. You can still make it using the directions that I posted, just make sure that you use STRONG magnets and put it somewhere your kids won’t be touching it a hundred times a day.

So I needed a new plan. I found this collage frame at Target on clearance and decided to see if it would work.


I used my favorite teal paint and painted one side of the glass frames.

paintpainted glass

(I had a hard time making sure that I kept the paint on only one side! In order for the dry erase markers to work, the glass on the other side needs to be paint free!)


After they dried I put them back into the frame with the unpainted side facing out! A little bit of fun with my paint markers and I was able to turn that collage frame into this:



We hung it on the wall as part of our command station and I am so happy with how it turned out! This is MUCH more sturdy than the one I previously made, plus the kids can’t reach it and the wall doesn’t swing open and shut like the fridge door.

I spent Sunday preparing food, and now we have the menu board up and a refrigerator full of healthy and easy meals for the week. Our health is totally worth the couple of hours of work it takes to prepare for the week. If you try to make one yourself, let me know!!

Not as crafty? Head on over to the Creations tab to find out how you can order your own custom made menu board from me!

How do you keep track of what you are going to eat during the week? Do you menu plan and then grocery shop? Or do you just grocery shop and wing it?

I know when I first starting feeding  multiple people a few times a day I was OVERWHELMED with how to figure out what to buy, what to feed them, what to cook.

So….if you have a blog with menu planning or meal ideas that you think are AWESOME – post the link in the comments 🙂

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