10 Ways to Cultivate Joy in Your Kids…

This weekend!!


I posted a few days ago about how we are getting intentional about the heart around here.

After reading the book In This House, We Will Giggle (did you buy it yet!?), we have decided to spend all of February focusing on creating an attitude of Joy in our house.

And while the Joy we are trying to instill in our kids is about being so grateful for like that you can’t help but feel joyful, and is about the full and complete joy that we find in Christ, it is also about having a lot less stress and a lot more fun!

Which to me means not allowing us to get so busy that we forget to plan fun things to do as a family…


10 Ways to Cultivate Joy in Your Kids: Fun and mostly free activities to do as a family! | meaghanmorris.com

I have put together this list of 10 activities that you can do in the winter, are mostly free and can easily be done THIS WEEKEND.

1. Have a pancake breakfast, for dinner! Because, for some reason, breakfast always tastes better at night to my kids.

2. Order a pizza (or make some frozen ones – Aldi’s has them for a pretty decent price), throw some blankets on the living room floor, put in a movie and call it a picnic!

3. If your kids are a bit older, bundle up and go exploring outside! Winter hikes are awesome and so different than in the summer time.

4. Younger kids? Bundle up and stay close to home – explore your own backyard, build a snowman, teach them how to make snowballs, just GET OUTSIDE!

5. Make snow ice cream! You can find a lot of different recipes for it here on Pinterest.

6. Turn up the music (and the heat!), let your kids throw on their bathing suits and have an (indoor) summer dance party!

7. Dress up with your kids! Become princesses, pirates, monsters or have a fancy tea party! Let them decide what you will be and take part in their active imagination.

8. Have you older kids help you get some props together and make an indoor Photo Booth! Have a photoshoot with your kids! Take pictures of them or let them be the photographer – and don’t forget to upload all of your fun pictures so your friends and family can see.

9. Go out for ice cream. I know, I know – its cold. But, kids love ice cream (and frankly, so do I!) no matter what the weather. If you are like us, we NEVER go from November – May. But, surprise your kids with a fun trip to an indoor place and get some dessert.

10. Have a messy paint party! I LOVE this one, but my husband doesn’t. Cover your table in paper – you can use big sheets if you have them available or you can just use tape to cover the whole thing (make sure you overlap the paper so that paint doesn’t go through the cracks). Give your kids some finger-paints and a smock and let them go to town! Let it dry and find a fun place to hang it for a few days – or use it as the backdrop for your photoshoot!

I hope that you try some of these fun ideas, or come up with your own! I know our lives are busy, but our kids grow so fast. Let’s make sure that we are taking the time to have FUN with our kids while they are young!

What is your favorite winter activity to do with you kids?

Which of these are you most excited to try?

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3 thoughts on “10 Ways to Cultivate Joy in Your Kids…

  1. Great, practical post! My baby boy isn’t quite old enough for some of these but they’ll be great down the road! Just wanted you to know that you’re being featured at our WEEKEND WIND DOWN LINK PARTY today! Thanks for linking up with us! Have a great day!


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