New Month, New Virtue

Last month I wrote about how we were going to spend each month focusing on a different virtue with our girls. Last month we focused on Joy and we had so much fun. I don’t know who it helped more, the girls or my husband and I, but being intentional about creating and living in joy made a huge different in our attitudes towards all of the different parts of our day. I will be writing up a post soon highlighting some of our activities and what we learned….


But this post, albeit a week late, is about the virtue of the month that we are focusing on…


I am excited about this one.

When I picture our family of four girls as they get older, I see them being the best of friends. There is something about sisters that is just so beautiful.

But lately, my girls have been fighting A LOT. They can’t agree, they put their selfish needs ahead of the feelings of their sister and someone ends up in tears….

I know, I know, its normal for siblings to go through seasons of not getting along….

I still have a scar from when my little sister stabbed me with a pen, and I vividly remember throwing a blow dryer at her among other things…

But, last night, after an exchange of hurtful words I heard a phrase I don’t want to hear again…

“Mommy, she hurt my heart.”

In our house, I want my girls to be free to explore their personalities and feel safe expressing their opinions and emotions, but not at the expense of their sisters feelings.

The author of the book we are using to guide us along this virtue adventure, Courtney Defeo, talks about focusing on sibling love and I love this idea.

As my kids grow, I want them to love neighbors and strangers and the whole world the way that Jesus loves us, but right now I want them to learn that by figuring out how to love each other well. What better training ground than the different personalities right in front of them?

So that is our focus for our month on love. The book, In the House, We Will Giggle, has a ton of great ideas on how to incorporate that into your kids daily life by showering each other with random acts of love, without expecting anything in return!

In addition, I will be reading The Five Love Languages of Children, so I can start to pinpoint the differences in how each of the girls receive love, for myself and for their benefit. I think that its so important for them to not only understand that showing love to others is important, but that everyone receives love differently.

We are looking forward to seeing our girls hearts grow softer towards their sisters this month, and I will be updating each week on how it has been going.

Stay tuned this Friday for 5 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Love Each Other!!

We love because He first loved us.” 

1 John 4:19

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