5 Ways to Pick Up a Mom….

Becoming a mom is the craziest life transition most of us women will ever go through. I LOVE being a mom. But the truth is, it turns your world upside down. It completely and totally changes most of everything we know, and because of that there are so many seasons that can feel so lonely.

Isolation during motherhood can make an already hard job seem impossible. With no one to vent to, seek advice from or even just drink coffee with, we can be left most days feeling like we are doing everything wrong. Sometimes, on my worst days, I just need to hear from another mom friend that they feel like they are screwing it all up too.

But, making friends with moms can be incredibly intimidating! In some ways, its can feel even harder than dating! It can take a lot to put yourself out there, and some of you new moms may not even know where to begin….

Here are 5 different ways that I have found to make new mom friends:

5 Ways to Make Friends As A Mom| Meaghanmorris.com

1. Crash a local Mom Group: Okay, I know that it can be nerve wracking to go outside your comfort zone and show up to a local mom group where you don’t know anyone, but most groups are very inviting. You will have your occasional run in with those groups that can seem cliquey, but for the most part your walking into a room full of women who feel exactly like you. Use the group as starting point for building friendships and go from there. Mom groups are pretty easy to find, and you can start by using Facebook or Google to search. MOPs is a great organization that hosts moms groups in various locations around the world, and would be good place to start!

2. Local Online Mom Groups: Speaking of searching Facebook, there are a lot of local groups online specifically for moms in that area. Join a group, and try to stay active in some of the conversations, getting to know some of the other moms. Eventually, when you feel comfortable enough, try to arrange a play date with a few of the moms. These online groups are great for those moms who are less out going, but try not to get stuck in the rut of only communicating online.

3. Attend Kids Events in your Area: Story – times, toddler jump times, free play time at the library, open play groups – any kid – centered activity is a great way to meet some new mama friends. Take advantage of any local kid geared activities as a time to both get out of the house and to meet some new women who are right where you are.

4. Check out Churches in your area: In my experience, some of my closest relationships have come through the people that I have met through our church. Many local churches host groups for moms, play groups or women’s bible studies that are really amazing ways to develop some new relationships. Most don’t require that you attend the church itself in order to join in on the activities! If you are in the Rochester Area, you can find our church and playgroup here.

5. Download the newly launched MomCo App: So this is an exciting, and new way to make mom friends! An app just for moms has just launched and is a great (and safe!!) way for you to find moms in your area. You can chat with other moms and get to know them right through the app, post questions in the forum and even find and schedule play dates! Another added benefit is you can find services and businesses in your area that cater specifically to moms in your area all in one place. All you have to do is download it from the app store, and its free! You can download the app here!

5 Ways to Pick Up A Mom | meaghanmorris.com

The one thing in common with all of these is that we need to get outside of comfort zones and allow ourselves to make new friends in this season of life. It takes effort to build relationships, but we all need a tribe. Motherhood is a not a road that we should try to navigate alone. We need other women in the trenches with us, laughing with us, crying with us and lifting us up when it all seems too hard.

So mama…

Go put yourself out there! Crash a play group, attend a story time, download the app and make some new friends! I promise you that you won’t regret it!

3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Pick Up a Mom….

  1. You are so right! When you came into my life I was at an age that wasn’t in line with my friends. They had already had kids so there was quite a gap in age. I found most of my friendships changing after I volunteered at your grammar school. But the ideas you have are wonderful! It’s very hard, but I would never trade it for any other life career!! Love you!!! Mom


  2. Great ideas honey!! I cannot agree more! When you came into my life I was much older than most of my friends. They already had their little ones and were at a different place in life. Once I started volunteering at your grammar school things changed as did my friends. Even the preschool parents became my friends at that time. It’s very tough to be so isolated so getting yourself out there IS extremely important! Love you honey!! I would never trade my “career” when I stayed home with you all… Love you, Mom


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