Transitioning from a stay at home mom to a work at home mom isn’t really a stretch for me. I have been writing, editing, doing photography and speaking at mom groups as often as I can in an effort to both increase our discretionary income and help other women. I believe in the importance of finding your purpose, your place – and for me my place is here at home with my girls, but my purpose is two-fold – to take care of them, my husband and my home as my first mission field, but it is also to help other women learn the importance of taking care of themselves….

We can get so lost as mamas. We can forget who we are. We can define ourselves too often by the season our family is in, and forget that we were created for a purpose, and one that is not defined by the changing seasons of life, but defined by the creator who made us.

So, after finding our dream home, settling in, getting our footing with homeschooling and feeling like we were really comfortable with the place we are at, my husband and I decided that we could afford the time as a family to invest in our financial future.

itWorks fits my why in life. It falls so easily in line with my purpose. Affordable, plant based, wellness products that make self care for mamas (and everyone else!) easy to do AT HOME are products that we can get behind and believe in. A business that isn’t so consumed about money, but instead is more concerned about the well being of its distributors and the relationships they create with their customers is a business that won’t ask us to go outside our personality, but instead allows us to thrive as the extroverted, relationship driven people that we are. In as little as 30 minutes a day, I can work towards helping people achieve wellness goals or financial goals they have set for themselves! Time is precious to me, my girls are only this age for a short time. itWorks works for us because it doesn’t take anything away from them, it only requires me to reprioritize my free moments into something that will benefit our family far more than me aimlessly scrolling social media, or watching TV.

I could never devote any time to something I couldn’t use myself, couldn’t afford myself or would never encourage my girls to use as the got older. These products fit all of these categories and more! As you will see, as we introduce new products to our family, I will be reviewing them candidly. I will continue my open, honest, and vulnerable approach to everything in this business.

I hope that you will join us on this adventure, whether as a spectator, a customer or a member of our team!!

Please, if you have any questions about our #itWorksadventure, please contact me directly via email (asfourbecomesfive@gmail.com). If needed, we can set up a time to talk and go over products, walk you through the site, or even just set goals!

Here’s to a better, freer future for myself and my family.






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